Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Queensbay Mall

In my last trip to Penang, I only manage to visit one shopping mall, the Queensbay Mall.

Queensbay Mall is the longest shopping mall in Penang Island, located at Bayan Lepas. The mall is vibrant and full of activities, one can shop, play, relax, get together, entertain, be entertained.

The mall is huge. I reckon 1 full day is required to fully appreciate it.

Here are some snap shots inside the mall. There are a few toy shops at the top floor for those interested in vintage toys.

I was here after the Hari Raya celebration and the decorations were still available at the time of my visit

I was only there for about 1 hour as I was following someone here. Hence, I only quickly browse through the shops here. It is a good place to shop but its location is a bit far from the city centre.

This is my last post for 2008. Happy New Year!


Oman said...

i bet that mall has everything you need.

anyways, happy new year my friend and i really enjoyed and appreciated the returns and visits to each others' blogs in 2008. cheers for more in 2009!!!

amycheah said...

hey Borneo Falcon, I'm staying nearby Queensbay Mall, so anything to purchase, this is the right mall me & hubby will go to...

Anonymous said...

where r the humans?!

Johnny Ong said...

its just as big as mid valley

btw, a great happy new year to u

Xiao-Kia said...

Haha. Up to date I still not sure where is the directory located.. but you so super can find it... Great and happy shopping >.<