Sunday, December 21, 2008

Epson TX100

In the recent PC Fair I decide to get myself a printer cum scanner as my current Canon BJC 2100SP was obsolete and the ink cartridge, BC 20 is no longer in production.

Basically I had a hard time deciding which brand to purchase (as I was a hard core for Canon previously). After consultation with my friends, I had decided to go for Epson.

I purchased Epson TX100 at a cost of RM229. It comes with all in one functions, print, scan and copy. It comes with 1 year warranty and one can register the product with the serial numbers at Epson's website to get the warranty

When the box was opened up, the unit is well protected with 2 sterofoam blocks. The unit itself is covered in transparent plastic bag.

The moving parts of the unit are secured with the blue tapes. The blue tapes must be removed first before further installation commence.

The unit dimensions are 15cm (height) x 33cm (length) x 45cm (width). The unit is rather light for its size

The manufacturer claims this unit complied with energy star requirements, meaning it is an energy saving product. Hence, one can on the unit 24/7 without worrying it will consume a lot of power when at idle.

The unit has a piano mirror finish surface on its cover. One might get a heart ache if it get scratched.

The unit comes with a USB cable, a power cord and a complete set of inks (Black, Cyan, Magneta and Yellow). The drivers for the printer and scanner can be founded in the attached software CD. The CD also contains a comprehensive manual for the TX100.

I found the printed manuals that come with the unit quite lame. There is not much description in words and rather confusing especially when to insert of the software CD to the ROM.

The installation was a mess in the first place for me as the instruction do not match the outcome during my installation. Basically, after the inks were installed, pushed the ON button and let it run for about 2 minutes or so. During this period, the USB cable must not be connected to the computer. After that, connect the USB cable, insert the software CD and follow the installation instructions for the drivers. The most confusing part is the ON LED light keep blinking and I have no idea what it meant and what to do next.

To install the inks, lift the body of the unit somewhere in the mid part of the TX100.

It will automatically latched to secure the cover. It's like opening a car engine's hood.

Inside, there is a reminder to use genuine and compatible ink from Epson

Shake the inks before installing them. Remove the yellow stickers before installation. There are 4 individual colour ink cartridges. Hence, one only replace the exhausted colour ink cartridge and not the whole set and this translated to cost saving.

Install the ink cartridges into the slots according to the position indicated on the cartridge's housing. Install one cartridge at a time.

View of the scanning/copy platform with the cover opened up

Before printing, the lower hood must be opened up.

Paper can be adjusted

This buttons are available to make life easier if one intend to do any photocopy immediately.

So far the TX100 had printed and scanned my documents as well as photos satisfactorily. It also had the capability to print photos but I had yet to venture into it yet. It is quite easy to operate after all the installations were done accordingly.

With the TX100 I now able to scan some of my old photos which I will share in 2009!


Kikey Loo said...

yeah! looking forward ur many many photos.. :D

Anonymous said...

for TX100
is there any dedicated scan button on printer??
I had Canon, HP, Epson printer.
honestly speaking EPSON is WORST!!
Canon bad because of the ink head,
HP bad because of the paper feeder..
but Epson, the configuration is so 'special' The ink head is pretty bad, not as durable as Canon.

Myst3 said...

i love sibu

Oman said...

that's great.

i have a printer too but it seems epson no longer makes the ink cartridge for it. now i am in a bind wether to replace it (it is still working perfectly) or try my luck finding ink elsewhere.

can't wait for the pics you will share to us next year.

amycheah said...

I not prefer Epson brand. I owned a HP model and I feel comfortable with this brand. Anyway, enjoy your printing with your new "toy" ok. Well, I'll always refer all those "gadget" thing as "toy" to my hubby...hehehe

Lisa said...

one thing i find i dislike about good printers is the amount of ink cartridges to buy "-_-

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wow, that look so nice....

Anonymous said...

we bought epson last year but we can't find any ink for it anymore

Anonymous said...

Epson is good too, but am like you, i like cannon the best

RiP666 said...


rare stuff huh??

great haha

Nanaybelen said...

Wow ! new printer ah.
Our printer is Epson Too and i bought that when my kids was in elementary gades because they always needs pictures for their projects in school.

Anonymous said...

hello for today!

escape said...

different printers has its own specialty but in the end it will still be based on your need or its purpose from there you'll be able to choose what's best for you. because what could be too advance might actually not be the best for your need.

looking at the printer that you've bought and reading your post, it seems that you've made a good choice.

Ju Ann said...

wah u took so much effort into this post! :)

Borneo Falcon said...

I agree with what The Dong just mentioned. This printer is not mainly used for printing unless to print some important/emergency documents. I basically using it to scan and photocopy.

For scanning, there is no button on it. Scanning only can be done with the given software. Computer needed to be used for scanning purpose

Anonymous said...

how do you photocopy once youve installed everything?
ive got the paper in but pressing the copy button does nothing :(
help please :(

Borneo Falcon said...

Then something is wrong with your printer. My copy function works perfectly without any issue

Unknown said...

Hi, Can you leave your TX100 Printer on 24/7 while switch off your computer every night? My Epson R230 can leave on 24/7 to save ink. But my friend claims his TX100 can not. I just like to confirm if it is true or not. Kind Regards Patrick Poon

Gemma said...

My Epson TX100 is not functioning anymore. It has reached it's maximum waste pad ink counter eventhough i have an external waste ink tank.. I am looking for a "working" adjustment program to reset the waste ink counter... anyone who is willing to help me, i would really appreciate it. Please contact me if you know how to reset this printer.
email me at

Anonymous said...

Go to :

this will help to reset the waste ink pad counter

coolcms said...

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