Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Maintenance Management Course by Lloyd's Register

Last month I attended a course organized by Lloyd's Register called "Maintenance Management Course" at Miri. This is not the first time I attended Lloyd's Register courses and all the courses I attended are of the highest quality

This is our course note. The objective of the course is to educate the shipping industry to improve their current maintenance procedure and policy with the introduction of RCM (Reliablity Centred Maintenance) process.

In general, the marine industry has been slow to embrace changes in maintenance practices. The idea of preventive maintenance has been around since the 1960s but in those days it was mainly based on equipment overhaul at fixed intervals to prevent failure which usually referred as "scheduled maintenance" and still largely adopted by many shipping companies until now

RCM was originally applied to the aviation industry during the 1980s, however, the early 1990s, it has been applied to other sectors. RCM process determines what must be done to ensure that any physical asset continues to do what its user want it to do in its present operating context

The driving force behind the development of RCM was the inability of the airline industry to control the failure rate of certain unreliable types of engines by any feasible change in either the content or frequency of scheduled overhauls

RCM is no rocket science and is based on seven questions.

This is our training room (Linau 1 & 2) at Imperial Hotel Miri. It's quite comfortable but I was occasionally distracted by the noise outside

This is myself with other delegates as well as our trainer, GH Lee from Lloyd's Register. Most of the delegates are from oil and gas industry in Miri. The guy with the beard is from Marine Department Brunei and I am the only one from Sibu.

Lloyd's Register was generous enough to gave us with some "souveniers" at the end of the course.

Each of the delegate was awarded with certificate for successfully completed the course. The concept introduced was indeed an eye opener but to implement it requires a lot of preparation, time and the inputs from the people working in the field. Important thing of all is the commitment from the top management.


Anonymous said...

Good points there. There are some really good courses out there, but it also demands a lot of the employees and the bosses to get it going.

A Merry, Merry Christmas to you with joy, peace and lots of delicious xmas food :-P

Annoymous said...

hmm .. seem like a one day course right. Its hard to learn everything in a day, but i guess its still a course no matter. Merry xmas to u too :)

xsigns said...

"This is not the first time I attended Lloyd's Register courses and all the courses I attended are of the highest quality"

Man you sure hang out among the highest of the high class people to be able to say that. Anyway Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I guess this must be a good workshop!!