Sunday, December 7, 2008

Protech Millenium Review

Out of the sudden, we experience shortage of shuttlecock here. There are hardly a decent shuttlecock brand around.

My usual shuttlecock is RSL but somehow they were sold out already and there has been no replacement yet. Hence, I have to settle for Protech Millenium (RM54). The price of shuttlecock had sky rocketed even though the fuel price had dropped. I been told it got nothing to do with fuel price as the main factor is the exchange rate between the Chinese currency and Malaysian Ringgit.

The Millenium series is probably one of Protech's premium grade shuttlecock from its price tag compare with its other series. I never used this shuttlecock before and this will be my first time. I been told the next batch of Protech Millenium Series will be sold at least RM58, so as other branded shuttlecock. My God!

The shuttlecock looks like any other shuttlecock. One of this shuttlecock cost RM4.50 if one do the maths. The black sticker is also observed. My first impression worries me a bit as the feathers are not as "thick" as I expected. "Thicker" feathers means better endurance.

My prediction was right as the shuttlecock feathers kind of in a mess after 1 match (15 points system). In this photo, I had "tidy" up the feathers. The shuttlecock performance is satisfactory but its endurance can be an issue.

I reckon this shuttlecock will not make it a full second match. The best choice is still the RSL Classic Tourney series.

Badminton is now beginning to be an expensive game with the rise of shuttlecock price. Plastic shuttlecock could be another option but the speed will differ. Also I been told plastic shuttlecock will shorten the lifespan of the racquet string


Kikey Loo said...

i had 2 years don't play badminton dy...

American not common in playing badminton... :(

lifesignx said...

Really dynamic how the subject matter can turn to shuttlecocks when just before this focusing on a wedding ceremony. What's next then, another drastic turn of events?

amycheah said...

Alamak many years already I tak main badminton. But, hubby got play with his colleagues and the shuttlecocks brand that use are "Dunlop" and "RCL Diamond". Not sure is it good or not. Have to ask him...hehehe.

Anonymous said...

I have not much experience of Badminton except from during my youth, in school and among some friends. I remember one time though, playing with friends on a grass field in very appropriate shoes. Yes, I did slip and went several meters on my butt! But the real fun of it was that the speed made me hit myself in the head with the racket at the same time! What a hilarious sight! *giggles*

Ju Ann said...

i didnt know shuttlecock also must be branded one!!!