Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sibu Airport

I been showing some airports around Malaysia and I think it is time to show my hometown airport, Sibu airport since next year is Visit Sibu Year. This airport has started its operation on the 1st June 1994. I remember during the opening of this airport, it was virtually crowded as the people of Sibu throng this airport to see the newest airport in town.

The airport is about 27km from Sibu town. It has direct flight to Kuching, Bintulu, Miri, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. The largest aircraft that can land here is probably the Airbus A320

The airport is considered small and basically a 2 storeys building. The ground floor has a large concourse and it is not air conditioned (open air). Hence, it can be pretty hot in the afternoon.

The check in counter for Malaysia Airlines, Mas Wings and Air Asia flight are at the ground floor

The arrival hall also located at the ground floor

Taxi coupon can be purchased from this booth, near the exit of the arrival hall. Taxi fee to the town should cost around RM35

International times are displayed here but I not sure whether the clocks still tick or not.

Now, to the 1st floor. There is only one real restaurant here on the 1st floor with some stalls selling snacks.

The entrance to the departure hall is on the 1st floor. For any flight travelling outside Sarawak will be consider as "international" flight and must go through the immigration to get the air ticket and passport stamped. For Malaysian, identification card will be sufficient

The view of the departure hall. The hall is air conditioned.

An aquarium inside the departure hall

Air Asia aircraft is not suppose to use the aerobridge facility (in order to cut cost) but somehow my flight that day the aircraft was using aerobridge. That must be my lucky day.

As usual, the people of Sibu will make a long queue before the aircraft even landed. Sometime I had to push and tussle my way through when boarding. When are they going to change their attitude?

Sibu airport control tower

I think many people of Sibu will share my sentiment that this is the least develop airport in Sarawak and Sabah. There is nothing much the airport got to offer in term of comfort, entertainment, shopping experience, dining and etc. In my opinion, if they plan to make 2009 as Visit Sibu Year, at least the airport should be upgraded.


TNH said...

the airport look like the old one in kuching..

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! I'm writing about Sibu airport, and this really helps me a lot! Thanks again, 'Falcon'. Sibu seems to be a really beautiful place - maybe one day I will be able to take a trip there.

Johnny Ong said...

i thot bintulu airport was just the same

Anonymous said...

I still remember when I visit Sibu in Year 1994, 1st June which is the Opening date for Sibu Airport. I was in the 2nd flight which touched down at Sibu Airport.

At that time, I'm like a star!! The hall was full of people, flashes, very very crowded. But now.. haha very few right?

Air Asia will use aerobridge if their is wheelchair patient in flight

have a nice day~!

Nanaybelen said...

looks neat and organized. no crowd seen

amycheah said...

hey I quite agree with u, the airport shd be renovated to more "canggih" la.

AleO. said...

hye! i smiled when looking through the pictures of sibu airpot cuz it reminds me of the day i went to national service!

yep, i went to camp junaco park at sibu and the airport looks exactly the same in the pictures. its been 3 years now and i still remember it clearly.

aww.. looking at the pictures makes me remember the time i was there.. awwwww

Kev said...

Not bad... Sibu airport is quite busy based on the photos. Kuching International Airport is nostalgic for me as one of my flights back to Subang International Airport (at that time KLIA was not fully functional yet) was delayed and I had to be at the airport for 7 hours!!

For your information, Melaka airport is now getting a facelift, so I hope there would be more domestic flights in and out of Melaka.

By the way, thank you so much for correcting my mistake in my blog. I confused Christmas holidays with Good Friday!! I think Gawai is 2 days, right? Can't recall - it's been 15 years since I left Sarawak.

Cheers! :)

escape said...

wow! im already excited on my malaysian trip next year. no dates yet but ill definitely be going to malaysia. i already bought magazines about malaysia and i've chosen to visit sabah, sibu and sarawak.

escape said...

ill be there next year, and ill ask be asking you some tips soon as i decide the dates.

when would be the best time to go to malaysia (sibu, sabah, sarawak area)? what would be the best places to see. i want to see the culture and the main landmarks.