Saturday, December 20, 2008

EMEX 2008

The inaugural East Malaysia Expo 2008 (EMEX) was held at the Sibu Trade & Exhibition Centre few weeks ago from 4 - 7 December

The Sibu Trade & Exhibition Centre is conveniently located at the town centre. The exhibition centre is actually huge and spacious as it was formerly a godown for the port.

Here was the booths arrangement at the exhibition centre

Among the products on exhibit include latest products on technology, property and real estate, home decoration, healthcare, consumer products, food and beverage, education, manufacturing, tourism and agricultural products and many more

Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) also set up their booth to promote their product and service. I manage to grab some interesting brochure and flyers there.

Here are some overview of Sarawak and Sibu map. The Sarawak Tourism Board is trying to promote "Visit Sibu 2009" but I think their marketing strategy might not be effective. I don't think they fully utilize the internet as their marketing tool. I should do them a favour by promoting Sibu via my blog in 2009. I also had highlighted some places of interest here previously and more will come in the near future.

At the main stage, occasionally, there will be a group playing music instruments

Here are some of the brochures I able to pick up from the booths at the exhibition

The most interesting booth was probably the JD group with their marketing girls dressed up in white shirt and skirt

Anyway, EMEX will be an annual event for Sibu and I am looking for a bigger participation as most of the participants here this year are from local companies.


amycheah said...

We here in Penang also have this kind of exhibition that always held in PISA (Penang International Sport Arena.

Oman said...

looks like a fun event. happy holidays!!!

Anonymous said...

I alsways get so exhausted by vist those kind of events. Too many things to explore and of course one would want to see them all :-)

The tourism board would have been the main thing for me to explore....

xsigns said...

Yo Borneo! Nice to know you are investing heavily on your blog: the scans from your new scanner are great to behold!