Monday, September 14, 2009

Victor Super Star

One of my friend just bought a Victor badminton racket and I'm excited to give it a try since I never use this brand before. Currently, Victor is the official sponsor of the South Korean badminton team.

Victor Super Star cost about RM120. This model has been phased out by Victor and it is sold cheap as part of clearance sale.

The shaft is made of high modulus graphite which produce a high repulsion power. The racket feel a bit heavier than other rackets I used before. It is an indication it will produce a more powerful smash.

The shaft is neither stiff nor flexible. Hence, it has a balanced shaft characteristic

This might be the serial number for the racket. It was engraved at the shaft. There is "MY" on it which probably stands for Malaysia

Victor Super Star specs also indicate it has a longer shaft. I made a few comparison with other racket brands and it is concluded that Victor Super Star is a few mm longer than other rackets.

The square head shape enlarge the sweet spot for more consistent accuracy

Shockless features on its head reduce the shock at impact

It is time to put the racket to test after reviewing its specs. It produces some great feel on impact with the shuttlecock. This racket is definitely suitable for an attacking players as it produces a more comfortable and powerful smashes. I also feel comfortable when making strokes, service and drop shot with it. However, this racket might be tiring to hold and control on a long rally or game due to its weight.


wenn said...

nice colour too..

Ben said...

Apart from the number, I saw the word "RIP" in the 5th photo!.. guess the opponent can rest in peace after the smashed :D

Anonymous said...

haha...speaking of Victor, I've been using their racket since 1992. That was Victor 'Columbia' which it's obsolete now. I like the racket very much and still use it now as my spare to my more modernised Yonex Armortec 700. Victor shuttlecocks are good!

foongpc said...

I hardly play badminton but my brother does. I love watching badminton game though and Lin Dan is my favourite player! I guess you must be very good at it! : )

Borneo Falcon said...

Nah! I am neither good nor bad player. Now, getting older. My pace had dropped while playing badminton.