Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fort Brooke

Another historical site at Julau is an old fort called Fort Brooke. In 1954-1981, this fort was used as an office by Julau District Council and Education Department respectively.

To get there, turn at the junction after leaving Julau town. Take a turn to Ng. Meluan.

The journey from here on is quite hilly and one will be rewarded with a breathtaking view at certain spots.

Fort Brooke is about 24km from Julau town. The fort is not hard to find as their will be clear signage post on where to turn .

The fort was built in 1935 to quell the rebelion after Rajah Charles Vyner Brooke introduced a tax system which was not accepted by the locals. The rebellion was headed by Asun anak Paing in 1932.

The fort was originally built from bamboo and wooden roofing. 5 years later, the colonial government directed the fort to be built from wooden material (belian), donated by longhouses whereby each longhouses contributed one pole and three units of belian plank respectively. The upgrade of the fort was completed in 3 years.

Brooke Fort don't looks like a strong fort. Probably the rebellions are not heavily armoured to take them down.

Longhouses still exist around the fort and some of the local folks still depends on the surrounding nature to make ends meet.

There is a wide open area and shed just in front of the fort for visitor to chill out and enjoy the surrounding view.


mhel said...

Hey, thanks for the tour. I like the breathtaking view.

wenn said...

history is indeed fantastic..

Josephine said...

can post long houses photos?

walkw/me said...

Great pictures my friend. I'd love to visit that very nice place. How I wish!

Anonymous said...

finally see some of the Brooke's legacy ... post more bro!

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ooo, reminded me of my Sejarah Lesson...hahaha^^