Monday, September 28, 2009

Star Shuttle: LCCT Sepang-Ipoh

This is the first time I use Star Shuttle bus to Ipoh from the LCCT Sepang. The bus operated from platform 5 of the crowded and noisy bus stop beside the LCCT terminal.

The ticket is prized at RM42 for one way. The travelling distance between LCCT Sepang and Ipoh is about 250km, which will roughly translated to about 3 hours drive.

There is no seat number and it is basically a free seating arrangement in the bus. The leg area is spacious (much better than the Air Asia's Airbus A320 legroom) and the air conditioner is at the right temperature.

Passenger will be given a bottle of drinking water while onboard. Unfortunately, the retractable table in front of me was filthy and I am in no mood to use it.

The bus ought to be punctual. It only departed at 1230 against the original schedule at 1200.

In the beginning of the journey, one can see the LCCT Sepang area and the nearby Tune Hotel

Passing through the KLIA runway and aircraft hangar. It has been a long time since I last used KLIA. I like the facilities and environment here.

There are a lot of giant signboards and housing estates along the federal highway

Shah Alam Stadium

The bus will make a short stop about 90 minutes after leaving the airport for the passengers to visit the loo.

The sight of the hills and mountains are the indication that we are getting closer to Ipoh town.

I think we passed through at least 3 cave temples when approaching Ipoh. They could be Perak Tong, Sam Poh Tong and Kek Lok Tong. I was amazed by the uniqueness of the temples and they definitely worth a visit.

The bus will stop at Ipoh main bus terminal at Medan Gopeng, about 5km from Ipoh old town.

However, the bus will make its final stop at its company headquarter at Medan Bercham. There is less traffic here but there is also no taxi in sight around this area.

I been told there is another bus company called YoYo which offer more comfortable ride and facility.


wenn said...

ya..ppl from Ipoh usually take yoyo..anyway..hv a nice hols here in Ipoh..

eunice said...

These r familiar sights to me! how come u took a bus without selected seats? Is it a public bus? I really hate coaches nowadays, they just over promised in their advertisements only. Even expensive coaches are filthy and their entertainment features r not functioning properly. As for public buses, it has been >10 yrs since I last took one to Mersing. Gosh, people were smoking inside! hah a lot of complaints ... :P Anyway, hope it wasn't the case now. :)
Looking forward to your updates on Ipoh!

Superman said...

Can't wait to see Ipoh as never been there before.

Bengbeng said...

how i wish i could b traveling around again. i miss Ipoh food esp its crunchy full of water tauge

foongpc said...

The bus is not punctual? I think that's quite normal right? Haha.

William said...

Nice view all the way!?
I think the bus is waiting for more passengers!

escape said...

lucky day for me coz most of the time, i hardly download your blog. what's weird is it only happens in your blog. so sad.

but wow looking the mountain from the window is great what more when you had the chance to drop and take shots.

Johnny Ong said...

didnt know outstation buses provide services up to lcct too

I AM A BLOGGER said...

hahaha, tat;s my hometown , ipoh^^~~~~

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

RM 42 one way?, expensive (*o*).

Borneo Falcon said...

eunice: This is not a public bus.

SJB: Yes, I agree. Quite expensive for one way