Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pizza Hut Citarasa Ramadan

During the Ramadan month, Pizza Hut introduced another set menu called the Pizza Hut Citarasa Ramadan which we decided to give it a try. The set menu prized at RM37.90

Even though the menu said it is chocolate muffin, it tasted more like coffee muffin with chocolate chips in it. Still delicious though

The refreshing drink is named Havana Mint Fizz which I reckon is a concoction of 7up Revive with sugar syrup and slice of lime.

The usual soup at Pizza Hut. Somehow, it tasted a bit plain on the day of my visit.

Surprisingly, the ice cream did not came last. It kind of arrived earlier than I expected before the main dish (which is the pizza) was served. It's just a normal ice cream you can purchased from the supermarket.

Here comes the main dish (Pizza Ayam Sinar Ramadan). Even though we were told to wait for 17 minutes for the pizza, it arrived much earlier than expected. It tastes pretty good with reasonable amount of green pepper topping.

Also included is the Kebab Nasi Pilaf (kebab rice) which comes with beef balls. The rice full of sweet corn (which I assumed sourced from the can). It also comes with pineapple garnish (which also comes from can). Think about it, too much preservative incorporated into this dish.

The total damage (including the tax) was RM43.60. Dining in Pizza Hut is quite expensive nowadays.


Anonymous said...

yeah 43 is a bit steep or rather it's expensive. :P i love pizzas but was reluctant to visit pizza hut cos of the price.

Dora said...

So what do u think? Do u love the Ramadan set?...Happy Weekend!

Admin said...

i love pizza hut soup..for me it yummy..hehehe

Johnny Ong said...

when there are so many diners (esp during buka puasa time), soup wld be prepared in big volume and thus the dilution in it

wenn said...

wow, pizza is delicious..

Bengbeng said...

i think i will skip this set after reading yr review. it doesnt look that great either..