Friday, September 25, 2009

Lanterns Display @ Sibu

Some 7,000 lanterns are displayed around Sibu town from today until 4th October to mark the Mid-Autumn Festival which falls on 3rd October.

The lanterns are displayed from the Tua Pek Kong temple to Jalan Channel, Lembangan Market towards Sibu Gateway. The whole idea is to light up Sibu town and provide the perfect ambience for the people to celebrate the Lantern Festival.

The dragon head can be found at the Tua Pek Kong area. This is where the lanterns display begins.

From here the display pass through Chew Geok Lin Road

And pass through one of the oldest coffee shop in town, Moi Soung into Channel Road

The 15 inch by 20 inch red lanterns are said to be specially imported from China. This project is jointly organised by Sibu Municipal Council and Sarawak Kutien Association.

Along Channel Road, the lanterns are displayed in the shape of the dragon.

From Channel Road, it continues through Pansar Building, Ambank and Tanahmas Hotel (Chambers Street)

And this will lead to Sibu Gateway

At Sibu Gateway, the lanterns comes in a colourful display of red, green, yellow, pink and blue which represent the multi racial Malaysian population who live in harmony together

At the end of the lanterns line, at the edge of Sibu Gateway is the iconic symbol of the town, the swan

The official lighting ceremony will be tonight at Sibu Gateway at 7pm.

Hopefully this will be an annual event. The lantern display will continue until 4th October.

It should be a magnificent sight at night and hopefully I'm able to capture some images with my compact digital camera.


Robo said...

Beautiful! How long the Lantern is? Should put into the Malaysia Guinness Record! :)

foongpc said...

Wow! So many lanterns! So Sibu is going big on mooncake festival?

Jean said...

wow. they are doing that for mid autumn festival yea. like CNY season.

From me to you, suejean =)

Borneo Falcon said...

I think the lanterns line is about 400-500m. Should be easily entered into Malaysian Book of Record.

I'm sure there will be the town is going big for the mid autumn festival. Really hope they had such lanterns during CNY also

wenn said...

lanterns beautifies the whole area..

journey adventure said...

love the lantern. it makes sibu beautiful. must be even more beautiful at night

Superman said...

It is nicer when you see it at night. I just saw it light up two night ago as they are testing all the lighting. Really nice.

M-Knight said...

this is nice will come to check it out this tomolo

Annie Q said...

WOW!! That is a lot lanterns!!!! I thought it is chinese new year. LOL!!

This is the first time they have big celebration on the moon cake festival? I don't think i saw this before in Sibu.

Borneo Falcon said...

Yes, this is the first time they had such lanterns of such scale in Sibu. Some said it is a waste of public fund but it is sure beautiful.

Oman said...

really a beautiful sight. kids would truly love the display. hope to see your night shots of the lanterns.

amycheah said...

Borneo, besides impressed with the lanterns, I more impressed with the hard work and effort that you putting on as u shooting the photo from beginning till end! I really appreciate that and many thanks to u for sharing these nice photos.

Bengbeng said...

you really covered this event. i did it in my own usual way.. touch n go... skim the surface. u did a great job here with the two posts. i dont know but for me, i just cant seem to do a complete job. just too lazy.... most likely

Johnny said...

It must be a mega project by Sibu Munipal..~!!