Sunday, September 27, 2009

Transformers Energon: Optimus Prime

10 years after the conclusion of the Armada series where the conflict for control of the Mini-Cons and the truths he was forced to face in his battle with Unicron seems to have changed Optimus Prime in the Energon series. Now a stern commander, he is more direct and shows little of the conflict that held him back.

I simply like the packaging by Takara. Very informative and eye catching

The toy comes with Optimus Prime, a rifle, a missile, trailer and 4 vehicular drones unit

In the Energon series, Optimus was given a new armour upgrade and no longer able to combine with his trailer. Instead he has been gifted with the Spark of Combination by Primus and allow him to combine with the quartet of vehicular drones in his trailer which is known as Prime Force (Grand Force in Japanese Version)

Optimus Prime in his alternate mode (without the trailer). There are still 2 Mini-Con ports at the side of the cab. There is also a place to store his rifle in alternate mode.

The cab and trailer definitely looks more sleek. It definitely looks more Cybertronian rather than an Earth vehicle.

Here is the comparison of Optimus Prime alternate mode in the Armada and Energon series.

Optimus Prime in robot mode. Somehow, he looks a bit "fat" and his feet appeared to be slim

Comparison of Optimus Prime in Armada and Energon series. Both appear to be around the same size

In the Armada series, Optimus carries the Autobots Matrix of Leadership in his chest while in the Energon series, Optimus was awarded with the Spark of Combination

Optimus Prime appears "tiny" compare to his nemesis, Megatron

Optimus trailer where it houses the Prime Force can be erected to form an Energon tower with a helipad. There are additional 2 Mini-con ports available at the trailer.

The Prime Force don't seems to be durable as they were destroyed in a few occasion in the series by Scorponok, Megatron and Shockblast.

Fire One is basically a fire engine and armed with laser turrets in way of the cab and retractable ladder.

Copter Two (known as Gyro Two in Japanese version) is a helicopter with its sharp blade capable of shredding the Terrorcons to pieces

Digger Three is basically a digging vehicle. The digging machine will rotate when the unit is moved on a flat surface.

Submarine Four is a submarine with a claw underneath it

When Optimus Prime combined with Prime Force, they formed Optimus Prime Super Mode

Every Prime Force unit can form either an arm or a leg when they combine with Optimus. Hence, a few combination can be achieved

Now, comparing the Optimus Prime Super Mode from the Armada and Energon series. Obviously the one in the Armada series is a bit taller but the articulation for the Energon series was greatly improved.

The size of the rifle used by Optimus in both Armada and Energon series also saw a great difference. The one used in the Energon series is about 2 times smaller than the one in Armada series.

In Super Mode, Optimus Prime able to match Megatron in term of size, fire power and probably strength.

Optimus Prime biodata scores a perfect 10

He is still known to make classic "Prime" decisions in the Energon series which include emphasis on team work and the foundation of Autobots values


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