Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Filming location of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Anyone still remember this 1991 film? Kevin Costner triumphs as the legendary Sherwood Forest outlaw leader in this epic adventure bringing a 12th century medieval world to spectacular screen life.

While in France (on the Paris-Barcelona route), the tour guide made a stop and inform us that this castle is one of the filming location of the movie. I really feel fortunate to see the castle with my own eyes as that is one of my favourite movie at the time.

I look terrible here as I had a diarrhoea as I made a mistake of drinking the French tap water a day before.


foongpc said...

Yes, I remember this movie. Oh, so that's the location! And yeah, you look terrible! Haha!

wenn said...

wow..see the castle with yr very own eyes..

I AM A BLOGGER said...

wow, another breathtaking location(^^)~~~

haha, u really look sick tat time!