Sunday, September 13, 2009

Transformers Energon: Hot Shot

The Transformers entered the Energon era after 10 years since the Armada series ended. Hot Shot has since been promoted as an officer in Optimus team and was assigned as the commander of Ocean City in Earth.

The packaging from Hasbro. Kind of regret I don't get a Takara one. Takara usually had a neat packaging and presentation

It comes with Hot Shot, a missle, rifle and a scope for the rifle

Hot Shot is still a yellow sport car (as with the Armada series). His alternate mode resembles an Ashton Martin

Hot Shot is still the fastest Autobots on the road

One thing I like about the Energon toy line is that there is a place to fit the rifle/weapon in alternate mode.

Although Minicons no longer play a major part in the Energon series, there is still Minicon port in the Energon toy line. For Hot Shot, the port is located in way of his rifle.

The transformation to robot mode is rather straight forward

Hot Shot has "matured" both physically and mentally since the Armada series. In the Energon series, he has been given a new armour

He was awarded the Spark of Combination from Optimus which allowed him to powerlinx with other Autobots into one unit. Here, he powerlinx with Prowl to become Powerlinx Hot Shot.

Hot Shot powerlinx with Downshift. When powerlinx, the Autobots' combat ability doubled to counter the Decepticons which are blessed with more fire blast.

Hot Shot with his mentor and former commander, Rodimus

Rodimus and Hot Shot combine to become Powerlinx Rodimus

Hot Shot transformation manual

Hot Shot bio data. Usually I will have some disagreement with the bio gave by the manufacturer but I kind of agree with this one.


wenn said...

wow..really transformed..

Ben said...

Chang Yee, really hat off to you. Energon era, first time I heard this darn cool term ;) ... You're indeed transformer expert. Even by looking the data sheet, you'll know where is going wrong.

escape said...

i actually feel like playing it too. hahaha... sadly i dont have any transformer toy. comics only.

Ken Wooi said...

so cool.. haha.. =D