Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raya Theme @ Midvalley Megamall

I was in Midvalley Megamall from 21-22nd September and there was a great atmosphere around the 3 main concourse of the mall in conjunction with the Hari Raya celebration.

The North Court was probably the most happening area with 2 antic vehicles on display here. The main theme here was the small "kampung" surrounded by antic vehicles and bicycle selling ice cream and etc.

One of the antic vehicle on display at the North Court is the MG Rover. The cars here were a big hit as many patrons took the opportunity to take photograph with the cars.

I have no idea what is the brand of this car but it has an angel like statue in front of it.

The Centre Court theme was also a "kampung" but it comes with a grandstand where cultural performances were held from time to time.

Lastly the South Court structures depicting an old railway station. Another antic car was on display here


Jean said...

rover!! cool. how come i didnt see that when i was there. something wrong with my cornea. didnt absorb the light reflected from the rover i surmise. haha. great shots btw!

From me to you, suejean =)

wenn said...

wow..nice theme..

Superman said...

I guess many Sibu people went on traveling for this Raya Holidays! Must be having a good time in KL.

Borneo Falcon said...

I was part travelling only. I actually attended my sister's wedding in Ipoh a few days before. KL is just a transit point before I took my connecting flight back

Anonymous said...

wow the antique cars, if only i can drive one in sibu town :P