Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hii Tiong Huat Strikes Back

Self-styled local social activist, Hii Tiong Huat got himself into trouble with the police again. It was reported that Hii had been sitting atop his van which was parked on the pedestrian walkway at Sibu Gateway. I believe Hii was arrested and the van been confiscated. I saw the van at the police station on Sunday.

The banners which Hii attached to both sides of his van express his disappointment on the local politicians/government who fail to address the plight of Sibu folks:
  1. The shallow Rejang River had not been dredged and causing constant flood to Sibu
  2. Inappropriate design of the Lebaan Bridge which cause larger vessels (such as the regular Selatan Makmur, Sang Thai Timber and etc) unable to navigate to Sibu port.
  3. Higher cost of living due to additional transportation cost (as most items unable to be brought directly to Sibu via larger vessels due to the Lebaan Bridge)
Hii is a daring man and many believe he is speaking on behalf of the people. However, his conventional methods always land him in a hot soup. I believe it is time he armed himself with a digital camera and a computer to spread his words via blog.

Today the fuel price increased again. Will Hii make another move?


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

I think he should form or join an association. Hehe

Ju Ann said...

But it takes people like this if not the gov will be complacent

Bengbeng said...

He is harmless. I see no reason for the police to confiscate his van.

pusangkalye said...

I think he has a point though.....

Asian Traveler said...

That would be great if he has his own blog where he can express his deep disappointment with the government. Furthermore, it's also a good medium to avoid trouble with the law.