Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hilton Batang Ai Resort Jetty @ Dam

After travelling about 233km from Sibu, we finally arrive at the Hilton Batang Ai Resort jetty which is located just next to the Batang Ai Dam. It is about 3 hours drive (without taking into account the rest stop). Hilton Batang Ai is located in Lubok Antu, which is about the mid point from Sibu to Kuching.

There is no public transport to get here and one might have to drive their own private vehicle or rent a car. Hilton Kuching do provide shuttle van to Batang Ai everyday at 8am from the hotel at a fee (RM145 return for adult and RM90 return for children)

Initially I had my worries about the safety of my car before we arrived here. After inspecting the area,I found out that the area is well protected and the main gate will be closed at 6pm. So, I can park my car here with a peace of mind and enjoy myself at the resort

There is a shelter at the jetty for the guest to rest before the next boat transfer. Toilet is available here with no admission fee.

It is highly recommended one book a room at Hilton Batang Ai Resort via Hilton's website in advance. However, payment need to be made to confirm the reservation. Upon arriving at the jetty, the Hilton's employee will have a list of the expected guest and one need to confirm it on arrival here

This is the schedule for the boat transfer from the jetty to the resort and vice versa

There is a notice board here at the shelter but none of them are fully enforced/observed. We don't even need/get a ferry pass.

The view is quite picturesque from the shelter. The lake behind me is basically the catchment area for the Batang Ai Dam.

The Hilton Batang Ai Resort can only be accessible by boat. The resort is basically located at a higher land, not submerged by the lake, forming an island in this vast lake. The boat jetty is at the left hand side of this above picture. One will need to walk down from the shelter when the boat arrived.

This the the dam's wall holding the lake's water

This is the boat used to transfer the guest to the resort

The water of the lake appear clean and clear.


Ciela said...

A nice place. The fact that one has to embark a boat to be able to go to the place gives an additional excitement for the trip.

The inviting clear water makes me wanna look for waters to swim in. he he..

Enjoy your beautiful Sunday!

TZ said...

Dude, interesting ... any picture how Hilton Batang Ai resort looks like ???

confessions of a medical student said...

nice resort.. the water so clear...
i need a break...

Annoymous said...

The water looks inviting..

Josephine said...

What a nice place.
envy u ler, always go here and there

Anonymous said...

The view is simply breathtaking!!

Bengbeng said...

Been a few years since I went there. Been trying to persuade my kid to go there for a weekend but to no avail :) It is a beautiful place although the resort is quite pricey RM299.00/night if i am not mistaken. When we were there, we were unfortunate to meet a guide who had a policy of ang moh first, locals last. Hope things are different there now.

Borneo Falcon said...

I paid RM252 per night (without breakfast)

All the employees, including the guide are fair. Everyone is equal.

escape said...

if it's hilton it's definitely beautiful!