Friday, February 27, 2009

Hui Ning Garden

Hui Ning Garden is about 5km from Sibu town and it took me like 15 minutes to cycle there from the town. It is located at Upper Lanang Road.

The garden is small and consists of a row of rectangular pillars and a row of trees on the other side. Green square separating the pillars and the trees.

Each of the pillars had this plaque on it. I am unable to make sense out of it. Probably the year indicate when the place was found or developed.

There are enough foliage here to soothe the eyes. Marble chairs are available in between the pillars for visitors to assimilate into the atmosphere.

There are 2 sheds just facing the main road, Lanang Road

From the sheds, one can observe the traffic flow along Lanang Road

Just next to the sheds is an interesting mural carving depicting the Chinese history and cultural.

The statues of the local Chinese leaders (I have no idea who are them)

The plaque indicate that the Garden was officiated on June 2002 by our Chief Minister

Overall, the garden is well maintained and clean. There is not much activities to do here except sitting down and enjoying the surrounding, especially during weekend.


Heinlein said...

A lot of parks have been built in Sibu during these past few years. Most of them have the same features like some bench to people to sit, trees and statues.

Instead of making those parks, they should make a better use of the money on something else. Something that could increase job opportunities would be better.

Kikey Loo said...

very nice garden, i like the mural carving depicting the Chinese history and cultural.

Josephine said...

Nice clean park...

Anonymous said...

look like the history there was quite for ages, and if i got chance there, will visit it!

JL said...

Hmmm, nice park. It's really nice to have more parks in a city. JB needs to have more parks :\

Anonymous said...

the place looks very special!!

eunice said...

I have been thinking if I should visit East Malaysia one of these days for a short retreat!

Anonymous said...

cool picture!
very nice park

Johnny Ong said...

somehow sibu has lots of parks / gardens for u to venture abt. nice environment then