Saturday, February 7, 2009

Guided Nature Walk at Hilton Batang Ai Resort

There are not much activities to engage while at the Hilton Batang Ai Resort (as we were staying for 1 night only). After browsing through the activities notice board, we decided to try the guided nature walk.

The guided walk cost RM 5 (without mineral water) and RM10 (with mineral water). Just bring your own water to avoid paying unnecessary cost. The guided walk will be canceled should it rain.

The jungle trek can actually be carried out individually without any guide should one know the starting point of the jungle trek. To get to the starting point, walk to accommodation block called "Sebuyau 11".

Then walk up the stairs where one will see the "Sebuyau 10" with the "Nature Trail" signboard.

Anyway, on the way to "Sebuyau 11", we came across a rather unique tree called "Dillena". The unique feature of this tree lies on its flowers, where the flowers consist of 2 colours (yellow and pink)

After some 7 minutes walk, one will come to this view where Kalimantan, Indonesia is just behind those hill.

The jungle trails are well constructed and moderately easy to scale. It might be a tiring hill climbs for those who is not fit. The guide mentioned about the jungle we were walking here are categorized as secondary forest.

This is the an Iban warrior gravesite. I been told it has been relocated here during the dam's construction.

The highlight of this jungle trail should be the suspension bridge. One should walk at least about 1 meter apart when negotiating this bridge to prevent it from collapsing due to the heavy load

The suspension bridge walk is not for the faint heart or those who scare of height. The bridge is about 150m in length. The suspended walkway is constructed on wood plank and aluminium ladder, supported with ropes.

I saw this red fruits during the suspension bridge walk. It's such a nice experience to walk amongst the treetops (The ground is about 40m below)

At the end of the suspension bridge, is another climb up to a tree (optional), I presume to be the highest point of the resort.

One will be rewarded with an excellent view of the surrounding once reaching the tree top

Just before the jungle trail ended, we came across this weird shaped tree trunk. The jungle trail will end nearby the resort's pool area. The walk should take about 30 minutes for those who are fit


Anonymous said...

i love nature walks! You are lucky to have so many nice places around!

Annoymous said...

Sure alot of mozzies too :(

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like the suspension bridge. It's kind of scary but seems really fun to try.

Anonymous said...

nice your post.. :) Bali needs to do something.. :)

TNH said...

well..after reading all your post about Hilton Batang Ai Resort, i do feel that this is a good place to have a relaxing holiday.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Beautiful and interesting walk - but that bridge would probably kill me ;-)

Johnny Ong said...

a virgin tropical forest, can see the nature as it is