Friday, February 6, 2009

Around Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse Resort

After checking into the room, it is time to explore this tiny resort "island"

Nearby the swimming pool at the main building, there is a stairs leading to another longhouse on a hill which is home to Borneo Oasis, the resort's own spa.

I am tempted to have a massage here but the price tag is just to much for me to bear. However, I manage to glance through the interior and it looks like a nice and serene place to get massaged.

Almost all kind of trees, plants and flowers around this resort are properly labeled.

We saw some free range chickens around the resort

Getting around is rather straight forward. In fact, it is a nice walk as one will occasionally spot some scenic view along the pathway. If one plan to take a night walk, do bring a torchlight as some areas will not be well lit

According to the resort's plan, there are 11 blocks of accommodation. All guest rooms are built based on Iban's longhouse design. Since not many visitors to this resort, the management pretty much close down most of the accommodation blocks. I notice only 2 active accommodation blocks during my stay here.

I been told this hotel is making a lost. Independent traveler will find it difficult to reach here as it is not reachable via public transport available here. Most of the foreign tourists who came here were those staying in Hilton Kuching.

Fruits are plenty here. Jambu Air (Water Apple) can be spotted rather easily here. Such a shame these fruits were left to rot on the ground once it had matured. It would be more productive if the hotel management "harvest" it and used it as part of their breakfast buffet menu

Guava is also available. Looks really delicious. There is also jackfruit around the jungle trekking trail

Pineapples also seems to thrive here

Some beautiful and colourful flowers can be seen around

Hope you have a nice stay here


Ju Ann said...

wah it seems like a great place!

Anonymous said...

That's a nice place to have vacation!! Good review of it.

lifesignx said...

Hello guys,

Need some guide here. Will be going to Singapore next week and will have some free time at night to go around the city. Any recommendations for bargains? I am looking for maybe Gundam model kits and cheap and reliable I. T. equipment. Been to Sim Lim Square and the prices there are more expensive than Low Yat Plaza in KL after conversion.

Kikey Loo said...

the view is nice!
you like doing resort review lah :p

Anonymous said...

the scenery looks nice. i have never heard of this resort before. most likely the resort depends very much on word of mouth.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great place to spend some leisure time. How different from over here - especially the plants and fruits.