Monday, February 16, 2009

Cooler Master X Craft 360

Last year I bought an external enclosure for my 3.5" hard disk drive. After much consideration and availability, I had decided to purchase the Cooler Master X Craft 360 at a cost of RM195 (now the price drop to RM185)

All the specifications are pretty well illustrated on the box packaging. Among the key features:
- support SATA hard disk drive only
- support SATA hard disk drive up to 1TB
- Weight: 867g
- Tool free

A quick instruction of installing the hard disk drive is also well illustrated on the packaging

There are additional 2 packaging inside the box, one in a transparent plastic packaging which contains the main unit itself and another purple box which contains its accessories

I got a diamond black enclosure (there is another option of titanium silver). The casing is made mostly of aluminium with some parts with plastic. The black surface get dirty easily and finger prints easily get onto it. With its piano mirror finish surface, this enclosure is sure a pleasant sight

Behind the casing is the DC power port, esata port, USB connection port and on/off button

The front part has 2 flat vent holes, power led light and open latch for the enclosure

This enclosure is using passive cooling to cool the hot hard disk drive inside it. Both sides had a row of metal mesh with 2 flat venting holes at the front to assist the cooling process of the hard disk drive. Silent cooling is assured with these kind of arrangement.

The purple box contains all of this enclosure accessories which include USB2.0 cable, esata cable, hard disk drive portable caddy, power cord, AC to DC power adapter and a 3C clean cloth

Vertical stand is also included. Rubber sole on the vertical stand to prevent scratches on delicate surface

User manual is included but one might not need to refer to it as the X craft 360 is really easy to use

The 3C clean cloth is definitely a good idea by Cooler Master as the enclosure gets dirty quite easily. The instruction on using the cloth should be observed as both side of the cloth had different cleaning properties on the enclosure

The hard disk drive portable caddy is another great idea by Cooler Master but unfortunately the latch can be secured properly. This risking the hard disk drive to slip out easily.

To load the hard disk drive, first push the latch in to open the enclosure

The internal structure of the enclosure after the cover is lifted

Ensure the hard disk side (with the sticker) is placed as shown above. The "Cooler Master" words should appear on the same side as the hard disk drive sticker. Just shut down the lid as the hard disk drive is inserted into the enclosure.

After that, just plug in all the necessary cables. There is an option to use either USB cable or esata cable. Of course, data transfer will be faster should one opt for esata.

One can use the vertical stand to position the enclosure appropriately. I personally like using the vertical stand

Or there is an option to lay the enclosure flat. The four rubber padding sole at the bottom of the casing will ensure it will not scratch the delicate surface of the computer casing.

The power LED light will light in blue once the on button is activated.

Overall, I am satisfied with this enclosure. It's easy to use (tool free) and very portable. I am also impressed with the accessories which comes with it. However, with the 2.5" external storage in the market now, the 3.5" enclosure like the X Craft 360 might be losing its popularity.

The absence of esata bracket could be an issue. However, new computer casing now should have an esata port and this could negate this shortcoming.


pusangkalye said...

with all of those cords---I am sure I will get so confused.

foongpc said...

So confusing lah! I rather let somebody do it for me. LOL! Btw, first time commenting here coming from Robo's blog : )

Johnny Ong said...

i will have to get one soon for myself as currently running on high rish without a back up

Anonymous said...

it looks good BF but I still prefers getting portable HDD.

escape said...

now yu have a new item to get yourself busy. cooler im sure helps it in many ways.

Anonymous said...

my computer is using up too many plug, so I have to opted to the usb type which is slower, compare to those with plugs... but with the download going on, how many harddisk also not enuff, should have those like VHS player.... haha

Annoymous said...

Looks nice, but it needs adapter. so bulky.