Saturday, January 31, 2009

Venice of Sarawak

Sibu really deserve the title of "Venice of Sarawak". It has been flooded a few times already in 2009 (and this is just January). Today, the flood is probably the worse for year 2009.

Water can be seen everywhere.

In front of Wisma Sanyan

SJK Chung Hua badly flooded. Luckily the school has not started yet due to Chinese New Year long break

The flood cause the police to control the traffic and divert some of the cars to the safer paths. During flood time in Sibu, traffic law can basically be ignored.

Some roads are not submerged by the water and the local folks need to have those knowledge to avoid the flooded areas.

A lot of businesses in the town are badly affected. The water had entered their business premises and probably damage some of the properties.

Some premise owner create a make shift barrier from newspapers and paper board to prevent/minimize the water from entering their premise.

Sibu post office and its surrounding areas are badly affected.

Some parts along Jalan Kampung Nyabor are badly affected. It's virtually a water world here and total chaos. The water level here is almost at knee level.

Somehow some people still brave enough to drive through their vehicles across the water. I would not do that as it might damage some parts inside the vehicles.

Anything wrong with this pictures? I find it amazing how some Sibu folks still able to stop by the flooded coffee shop and have a drink/meal

The park next to old SMC building

Jalan Lanang is also flooded although efforts to raise this road a few times since last year

Jalan Pedada is almost submerged in water. No vehicle would dare to navigate through this stretch of road. The water level here is almost at waist level.

On certain area, rescue boat had to be deployed to evacuate some residents from the low lying areas

Flood around Jalan Tan Sri

This is the source of the flood. The overflown Rejang River. The high tide occur around 9-11am today, coupled with incessant rain at Kapit and Sibu. The root cause of the flood should be the shallow Rejang River due to siltation over the years as the corrupted politicians/leaders do not take any effort to dredge the river.

How on earth Sibu can be a tourist destination if the flood keep beleaguer the town?

Behind Sibu Central Market

Nearby Sibu Town Square

It has been flooded in Sibu since Day 1 of the Chinese New Year. Will this mean more floods to come in the year of the ox?

To tell the truth, I am sick and tired of the floods in my hometown already. I lost count of the floods occurrence last year and it seems like it is happening more frequent in the last few years. This never happened when I was still a kid/student


Anonymous said...

didn't know it was actually that bad.

Kev said...

sigh, sorry to see that it's flooding in Sarawak. Over in Peninsular Malaysia, we have rain too but so far no flood - yet.

Yeah, times have changed with the global warming stuff and so on, the weather is not as predictable as it used to be before. So whether it's January or December, expect flash floods.

Well, it's not only Venice of Sarawak, but Venice of Malaysia too since many states experience floods.

pusangkalye said...

hmmm----definitely not a very good view. hope the local government could do some something about it~~~

Anonymous said...

Now they are talking about billion dollars of flood controlling scheme. I doubt it will work. The best measure is to do something to the source of the flood - Rejang River itself!

Xiao-Kia said...

Wow Really bad flood. Just start CNY flooding. OMG!.... Glad that u r ok.

Unknown said...

im very sorry to hear of the flood. ive not been to sibu before, but looking at yr pics, its such a beautiful town. and the flood is spoiling it.

i hope that something is done proper. i really do suggest you or fellow sibu mates ask the mp incharge to do something, esp that the sarawak state elections arent too far away.

hope something is done for you and fellow sibu people :)

Johnny Ong said...

oh my, oh my, tat's really bad. hopefully the people can recover from it fast and get their life back to normal

Ketam said...

Flood at Bau equally serious, I almost get stuck on my way to airport on 29/1/09.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Oh my goodness!

Anonymous said...

wow, that's a disaster right there...

Anonymous said...

Is it because the place do not have a proper water dam system?

Robo said...

Feel sorry for the victims over there....any casualties?
Look at the positive side....

Mei-Wah said...

OMG, the condition is so bad in sarawak! has it gone better now?