Monday, February 23, 2009


Nearby Bristol is the handsome town of Bath, an ancient Roman spa town revived by the eighteenth century high society.

Travel time by train from Bristol to Bath is about 15 minutes, if I remember correctly and the return ticket cost GBP4.60 in 1998

Bath is relatively a small town and best explore by foot. Once arrived at the town's train or bus station, head North to explore this magnificent town.

Among the most prominent structure at Bath is the Bath Abbey. The Abbey is renowned for the lofty fifteenth century vault of its choir and the dense carpet of gravestones and memorials which cover the floor.

Inside Bath Abbey

Another Bath's landmark, the Pulteney Bridge

River Avon flowing across the town and below Pulteney Bridge

The best of Bath's eighteenth century architecture is on the high ground to the North of the town, where well proportioned urban planning is best showcased by the elegant Circus and the adjacent Royal crescent.

Another place not to be missed is the Pump Room (with Roman Baths and Museum). The pools, pipes and underfloor heating are remarkable demonstrations of the ingenuity of Roman engineering. The Pump Room, built above the Roman site is the best place to sample the waters while listening to genteel tunes from the resident chamber ensemble. The water had a strong sulfur smell and I had a hard time drinking it as it smells like rotten egg! However, it is said the water is beneficial to our human body.


TZ said...

Dude, this is a nice town... I just passed by as i was taking a bus from Cardiff to Oxford... the bus passed thru Bristol and Bath :)

amycheah said...

It is a lovely town. I wish I would have the chance to visit UK.

Josephine said...

I am such a Katak di bawah tempurung!!!


escape said...

wow! now you're everywhere.

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these are places that we should go! Nice!!