Friday, February 20, 2009


Bristol is a city in England which had a special place in my heart. Technically, Bristol is the first place I set my foot at Great Britain after arriving from Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 in 1998.

Bristol is about 2 hours drive from London via the M4 motorway.

Bristol is situated on a succession of lumpy hills just inland from the mouth of the Avon. The city grew rich on transatlantic trade - slaving, in particular to become England's second city in the early part of nineteenth century. It's slipped down the table since and the docks have all but gone but the city remains a wealthy, commercial centre, home to tobacco and aviation industries, a major university and much of the West Country's cultural life.

Cabot Tower, located at Brandon Hill one can cast an eye over much of the city. Admission to Cabot Tower is free and one will need to climb the narrow spiral stairs to reach the top of the tower.

The tower was built in 1897 in memory of John Cabot, 400 years after he set sail from Bristol and landed in what was later known as Canada

Clifton Suspension Bridge is a glorious creration by the indefatigable engineer and railway builder, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, spanning the limestone abyss of the Avon Gorge. The bridge is a nice place to jog too. I remember I always jog pass the bridge once a week and enjoy the spectacular scenery

On a low ridge above the bridge is the Observatory (entrance fee of 1 pound in 1999), another Victorian job, in whose dome is a camera obscura, encompassing views of the gorge and bridge. (The Observatory is at the background, top left)

Bristol Industrial Museum featuring preserved dock machinery. The museum was closed in 2006 and rebuilt with a new "Museum of Bristol", schedule to be ready by 2011

Broadmead Shopping Centre, probably the best place for shopping in Bristol. It is the biggest shopping complex in Bristol and mainly pedestrianised.

Clifton from my room window (Room 3.5, Manor Hall)

Police on horseback riding at Clifton. This was a rare sight and I manage to capture the moment

Other places of interest around Bristol are St. Mary Redcliffe (described by Queen Elizabeth I as the "godliest", fairest, and most parish church in England), Maritime Heritage Centre, SS Great Britain, Bristol Cathedral and Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery.

Bristol is also famous for its apple cider. The best can be found at Coronation Tap around Clifton area.

The city will always be my second home. I left the city in 2000 and never had a chance to visit this wonderful city again.


Anonymous said...

what a nice place.
sure you would chance to go there again.

Anonymous said...

Lovely place, never been to UK before, and now I guess is good time cos of good exchange rate! But still, "bo liew" go. LOL

Pics taken some years ago? Some nostalgic post? Cool

Kikey Loo said...

i will try visit Bristol..

Unknown said...

erm...borneo tips? hehe.

how come didnt come newcastle find me! lol

Borneo Falcon said...

Most the photos were taken around 1998-2000. More nostalgic post will come out soon

amycheah said...

what a nice view.

foongpc said...

Nice place! Never been to UK before!

Anonymous said...

yes. Nice place.

Unknown said...

hello hello, travelling man. thank you for the beautiful pictures you posted, i sekarang teringin to go and hantam Magnum and 3 D + 1D and ToTo kuat kuat, bila dapat, i can go Bristol la,,,,,please go and pray for me that i dapat kena first price, or you can give me one chun chun tips , ok bro.

have a happy weekend, and btw where are now ? somewhere romantic or somewhere hectic, or somewhere energetic or somehwere sexy,, please share lah , ok and bye bye again bro,,

Borneo Falcon said...

Eugene..... Ha....Ha... I am nowhere romantic, sexy or etc. I am at my hometown. Busy with work.

Finger crossed for your Magnum and Toto :)

soulesscloudy said...

wow.... hopefully i got chance to visit western country...

Anonymous said...

You still keep all your photos and informations.
Looking forward for more~!

Kev said...

You're fortunate, man. UK is a very nice place to go to - the architecture, the scenic views and the people (not as hostile as in some other countries - even in Asia).

Max mickle said...

Wow....what a great place! Bristol is a lovely place. I will try visit Bristol.