Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dine at Hilton Batang Ai Resort

We were at the Resort on New Year eve. So instead of dining at the resort's sole restaurant, Nanga Mepi, all the guests on that day will be having a buffet dinner (About RM92 for each person) at the spacious concourse just outside the lobby at the resort's main building.

The table arrangement with the candle light. Neat with a mystery box.

Opening the mystery box reveals some interesting tools to usher the new year

The ceiling of the dining area was decorated with balloons

The food served were nice and satisfactory. Wide selection of dessert, salad, appetizer and food selection for the buffet

I hope this is the free range chicken we saw earlier wandering around the resort

The meat section was probably the most popular section. They served chicken, fish, beef, mutton, quail, lamb, corn and satay.

This how my plate looked like during my first round of the buffet. Plain water was not provided with this buffet and we had to pay RM8 for 1.5 litre of bottled water.

The buffet started around 6.30 to 9.30pm. There was no countdown whatsoever here at midnight, which was kind of anti climax for some who desire some sort of celebration to usher the new year.

I am cool with it and enjoy my stay here. Wish I could stay for a few more days to experience some of the resort's interesting activities.


Unknown said...

bro, i am here again to cuci mata on your Batang Ai resort gambar-gambar,memang shiok betul.

take care now

Josephine said...

I wonder what is that green thing which served in cups... mini cups...

TNH said...

It really don't seem like worth RM92 for me...

escape said...

it shows that it's not just the place thats beautiful! food looks great too!

im back from a long and busy yet happy weekend.

Borneo Falcon said...

Good observation there Josephine. I remember there were mini cups around the buffet tables/section that night. It could be either a salad dressing, jelly or just dessert.

From the photo, this is a salad section, so it can be very likely a salad dressing

I agree with you TNH, it is expensive but there was no other choice for dining except there and we were starving

I AM A BLOGGER said...

waaaa, masquerade, it is so much fun!(^^)

Johnny Ong said...

weird that countdown was not organised there