Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sibu Cultural Heritage Mini Museum

The Cultural Heritage Mini Museum is housed in the Sibu Civic Centre, about 3km from Sibu town

Sibu civic centre architecture is based on one of the ethic groups longhouse design.

In front of the Sibu civic centre is the 5 principles of Rukun Negara

Opening hours is from 8am to 5pm daily. Closed on Monday and some public holidays

The museum is located at the ground floor of the civic centre

Upon entering the entrance, there is a wide variety of exhibition here. Point to note is that this exhibition is not part of the museum.

Swan, the symbol for Sibu town

There are a number of models of proposed development for Sibu. Some of this proposals had been around for years but had yet to be implemented. Even the airport design disappoint me. The airport design is pretty much the generic type like any airports in Sarawak, hence losing its uniqueness.

The museum entrance is located at a corner of this exhibition area. Note that no camera is allowed at the museum. So, what I going to show below is pretty much a daring move.

The museum displays the rich culture heritage of various ethnic groups of the Central Region. Shown above is the Melanau longhouse model

There is an actual size Melanau longhouse model which showcase the Melanau's culture, lifestyle and tools

Melanau's traditional costume

The malay section is also quite interesting as it features some of the local malay rebels who were against the colonisation back then as well as weapons used to assasinate the British officers

Chinese migrants history to Sibu and their achievement is well documented here. There are a lot of Chinese artifacts, tools, literature and etc can be found here.

As with the Melanau section, the Iban's longhouse model was on display here. The section is also renovated to resemble the home of the Iban tribe

Iban's traditional costume

Orang Ulu's traditional costume. It was at this Orang Ulu section I was caught photographing and was warned to stop doing so. Really need to improve my stealth mode. I guess my good intention of promoting this museum is not recognized.

Anyway, there is also a nice collection of Chinese porcelain and clay vase on display at this museum. These vases were donated by some of the most prominent figures here and had great sentimental value to the owners.

This museum is likely to be moved to the new heritage and cultural museum around August this year at the old Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) site in the heart of the Sibu town.


Anonymous said...

That was pretty a daring move. Anyway, I like the photos. It seems that taking a tour of the museum you'll discover more of the Melanau's culture.

Josephine said...

If I go there, this is the must go place for me...
btw, what race are u in?

Borneo Falcon said...

Sarawak is a multi-racial place. Did not manage to capture all of the races when in the museum as I might be caught photographing.

What race am I? I'm a Chinese

pusangkalye said...

a mini museum indeed but still rich in artifacts and a lot of things to learn for sure~~

escape said...

it's a little museum yet it still looks big to me.

soulesscloudy said...

seems better that our National Museum...

Ciela said...

Another historical information learned from you. So, you're Chinese.Isn't Borneo a part of Indonesia? Sorry, but I'm poor in geography. Being a Chinese, were you born in China or in Borneo? Too many questions huh?! Just curious!

Borneo Falcon said...

Borneo consists of 3 countries namely Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak) Brunei and Indonesia (Kalimantan)

I was born in Sarawak

Annoymous said...

Hmm nice. Swan to represent a town