Monday, September 15, 2008

Mooncake Festival a.k.a Mid Autumn Festival@ Sibu

Yesterday was Chinese Mid Autumn Festival. Moon cake is a must delicacy.

I tried a Yong Sheng Moon cake with Yoghurt flavour as its paste. I really taste like a yoghurt and I like it.

After a hefty dinner, we went to Rejang Park traffic garden where every year at night, starting from 7pm, the kids will throng the place with lantern or "tanglung"

Modern and traditional lantern was sold nearby. Also illuminate hand band was sold for RM1

The modern lantern now are mostly powered by battery to activate the LED light (some comes with music). The traditional lantern is lighted up by candle. The traditional one also had a risk of accidentally burned by the candle.

Kids were having fun with their lanterns at the park. It was a nice experience walking around and soak into the atmosphere.

Kid playing with a traditional lantern, which is light up with a candle from the inside

Someone was playing fireworks from a distance

A sea of lanterns surrounding the park. What a sight to be behold


Nanaybelen said...

Wow! Happy Mooncake Festival. moocake with yoghurt flavoured is yummy

Kikey Loo said...

i never try yoghurt moon cake, so special...

eunice said...

Your pics here really bring back memories of Mid-Autumn festival I had when I was younger... feeling nostalgic now..

I really prefer your kind of paper lanterns at your hometown. I hardly see those in Singapore nowadays. When come to the celebration of Chinese festivals, that kind of traditional atmosphere is diminishing in SG.

And I don't think many SG parents brought their kids to the parks to have fun with the lanterns and eating mooncakes while appreciating the bright round moon too!

TNH said...

wow...really look nice area here seem like not much peolple celebrating..

as for moon cake,i prefer traditional paste more..hehe..

I AM A BLOGGER said...

you know I really like moon cake festival. All the things you do that time really reminded me of childhood(^^)

Johnny Ong said...

yoghurt taste in mooncake? how far will it go in this commercialisation of mooncake

Anonymous said...

Helo =) One day I visit to Borneo okay ^^

Anonymous said...