Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sultan Ismail (Senai) International Airport

My last visit to Johor Bahru was in 2002 and last August I went there again en route to Singapore.

The airport definitely changed since my last visit 6 years ago. Obviously some section of the airport is undergone renovation to make the shopping experience at the airport more pleasant.

One will need to walk some 150m along this makeshift lane to exit the airport and take a taxi or bus. This area is not air conditioned and can be a bit hot in the afternoon.

At the end of the lane is a big hall. Here one can purchased the taxi coupon or bus ticket. Pick up and drop off point is also at this place.

I am quite impressed with the departure hall. They definitely refurbished it sometime ago. The seats had been replaced and are more comfortable to seat now.

There is a model displayed in the departure hall of how the airport will look like in the future after the renovation and extension had been completed.

Air Asia's aircraft parking at the apron of the airport


Kikey Loo said...

the airport look nice! :)

the spool artist said...

wow, i have never thought of using johor bahru as an alternative to go to singapore... and now that i've seen how their airport looks here, i'd definitely consider it on my next trip! thanks for posting.

Johnny Ong said...

they should make that walkway cooling. this is not the way to welcome tourists

mhel said...

I'm just curious. Is that a restaurant inside the departure hall (the photo with colorful chairs)?

Borneo Falcon said...

Yes, that is a restaurant alright inside the departure hall

Lifecruiser said...

Great review of the airport. It looks quite nice.

One day I'll fly with Air Asia...

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