Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yakult Rainforest Discovery @ Singapore Flyer

After taking the breathtaking view inside the capsule of the Singapore Flyer, it is a good idea to explore the rainforest just below the flyer after exiting the souvenir shop.

The garden is called Yakult Rainforest Discovery. I reckon Yakult probably sponsor this garden.

From the garden, one can view the rotating Flyer's capsules

There are a few bright colour flowers around the garden

The garden is not really big but it is a relaxing atmosphere walking into it. There are plenty of chairs around and one can sit to enjoy the surrounding.

Small waterfalls also can be found here

There is a Koi garden inside the rainforest. One can find a school of Koi swimming in it.

Tortoise can also be found in the Koi garden

Lucky for me, I am able to catch this photo where the tortoise and the Koi were adjacent to each other

Nearby the Koi garden, there is this machine that sell fish food for SGD1 where one can feed the Koi


shawnn loo said...

I alway like the natural feel, the pic are beautiful... ^_^

Johnny Ong said...

when s'pore do something, they leave no leafs unturned

Kikey Loo said...

wow, u went SG! nice country.. :)

pusangkalye said...

funny coz I was there last Saturday but I didn't notice the name of the rainforest thingy.kkk. Thanks to your blog---now I know.

JANZ said...

was here

cc said...

The flyer was still under construction when I was in singapore last year, didn't know there's a man made rain forest under it.

the spool artist said...

do you also have to pay to get into the rainforest/garden?