Monday, September 22, 2008

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is Singapore's answer to London Eye as well as Malaysia Eye. Singapore Flyer is the current world largest observation wheel. Standing at a stunning 165m from the ground, the Flyers offer breathtaking, panoramic views of the Marina Bay, island city and beyond. One can also see the F1 racing street circuit and the route it will take.

To get there, the nearest MRT Station is City Hall. There are 2 options from here. One can walk there from the City Hall MRT Station, via Stamford Road and Raffles Avenue (the Esplanade Theatres as the landmark). I reckon it will be a 20-25 minutes walk. The other option is to take a free shuttle bus (provided by the manangement of Singapore Flyer) to the Flyer. The bus stop is located at Coleman Street (St Andrew's Cathedral, near the City Hall MRT Station)

If you happened to be at Merlion Park, cross the bridge to the Esplanade Theatres. From there, turn right into Raffles Avenue and straight ahead to the Flyer. It should be around 25 minutes walk.

The ticket will cost SGD29.50 if purchased on this site. For cheaper option, try to find travel agent that sold the ticket (There is one on third floor of People's Park Centre, Chinatown). The ticket is sold at SGD24 by the travel agent. The down side is one need to pay in cash term and the ticket will not entitle you for a ride after 6pm

This is the capsule. The complete ride will take about 30 minutes

One can either seat or stand to enjoy the view. There are plenty of room inside the capsule

While in the capsule, remember to grab a copy of the in flight compass. It will gives you a guide of the surrounding structures. The Singapore F1 Street race track is also well illustrated here. Apparently, the F1 Track almost go around the Flyer and the F1 pit stop is nearby the Flyer.

While in the capsule, one can view the stunning structures of the Flyer itself. Such a great engineering achievement.

This is the Marina Barrage. Merchant ships can be seen at anchorage beyond the barrage

Fullerton Hotel and the Merlion Park

Republic Plaza, UOB Plaza and Maybank Tower can be seen here. Such a stunning view

The Float at Marina Bay. The F1 track passed through here

The Esplanade Theatres.

Marina Golf Course

The construction site of the future I.R

Some glimpse of the F1 track, the grand stand and pit stop area

Mandarin Hotel, Pan Pacific Hotel and Suntec City

Nearby bridge

As we were descending, there is this nice building model. Wonder what it is.

Flyer Theatre

Al Fresco Deck

Fountain (Coach drop-off/pick up point is nearby this area)

After the wonderful journey end, one will enter a souvenir shop before the exit. The souvenir shop is only accessible for those who had took the ride.

Well, I am not leaving without souvenir. This name card holder cost SGD29 and the wheel can be spin. Anyway, it's pretty expensive by my standard


Nanaybelen said...

ohhh. that's amazing flyer. How does it feel when flyer moves? seems everybody inside the capsule so relaxed

shawnn loo said...

those pic are very cool.....!

Great man.!

eunice said...

Hey the views are very nice! I didn't expect to see such views from the Flyer!

I think the nice building model that you didn't know what it is, is Marina Bay Sands Resort, that casino.

Rintjez said...

Coolies! I will go there when I visit Singapore for sure :P

Btw, nice write up and awesome pictures!!!!!

Borneo Falcon said...

One will not lose any balance when the capsule is rotating. In fact, it rotates very slowly one will hardly feel it moving. There is no need to fear. The view up there is spectacular.

pusangkalye said...

I really love the flyer experience. Went there last Saturday. I got thousands of pictures.kkk

marcusan said...

wow. nice post. i think ive seen all of singapore in this post. wahahahaha'

Mei-Wah said...

wow, it's a great experience indeed!!! :)

it's worth for the money that you paid!

mhel said...

This is one of the reasons why I wanted to travel again to Singapore.:) How was the ride? Is it really worth the time to give it a try?