Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hong Lim Park

Along New Bridge Road and Upper Pickering Street is where Hong Lim Park is situated.

At first glance, it is just like any ordinary park. The park is really clean. Clarke Quay MRT Station is situated near the park. The area is run by National Parks Service

But there is a stand and shed somewhere at a corner of the park. This is the Speaker's Corner, a place for limited free speech. Recently the Singapore government had allow demonstrations at Speaker's corner without a police permit.

Away from the Speaker's Corner, which is about the size of a city block, it is illegal to hold a public gathering of five or more people in Singapore without a police permit.

I read in newspaper that a new signboard (replacing the one you see here) had been hoisted on Monday, listing the new rules but one thing has not changed: discussion of religion or other topics which might provoke racial tension are forbidden.

The Speaker's Corner does not draw many orators, while the Park Services says 508 people have spoken there over the past eight years.


Johnny Ong said...

spore got a lot of rules which people will follow. in m'sia, rules are meant to be broken

Charlie said...

Johnny, you don't know they so kia su, kia si, kia gov?

This a half joke half fact told me by a Singaporean ;)

eunice said...

Wow you are so updated! Yes the speakers' corner is now more "relaxed" cos I am so surprised to hear from news that we can now demonstrate there hahahaha, find it so funny! :P What a joke! I think the govt "relaxed" that corner now cos they already know it doesn't serve much of a purpose there after 8 long years of being a quiet corner! Well that corner is supposed to be like Hyde Park of London heheh :P

Pls pass my message to:

@Blue: haha, I was a little agitated when you said that, cos I don't really agreed with it. There are kiasu, kiasi n kia gov ppl everywhere, especially in cities. You look around your area and you will spot that! =P

eunice said...

Singaporeans are too busy to bother about breaking any rules, whatever the govt says now,

Bo Chap! =P

And fyi, Singapore laws are always changing =P, today govt says so, tomorrow is another thing. No wonder we have to be kiasu in many ways to stay ahead of the fast-changing environment. That's city life.

pusangkalye said...

A place where you can express yourself freely. Sounds like a good idea. be there, be there.kekeke

Nanaybelen said...

a freedom park for oppositions.. but I never heard singaporians having demontrations against their government,
not like here in the philippines , every day there is rally against our corrupt government officials

Borneo Falcon said...

Really wish there is a spot like this in Malaysia. I am sure it will be fully utilized.

elezend said...

and I am kia exam

Anyway, Singapore government is really organized unlike in Malaysia where everything is done the slacker style o.o