Sunday, September 7, 2008

Penview Inn

In my last visit to Kuching (for assignment) I stayed at Penview Inn at Pending. It cost RM25 from the bus terminal to the hotel. For the record, the hotel is not anywhere near Kuching city centre, I reckon around 8-10km away from the city centre. I had to stay here as it is near to Pending port, which is my area of work.

There is actually nothing much around the hotel area. It is even hard to get a taxi should one need to go to city centre or etc. There is a bus stop in front of the hotel but the bus service here is unreliable. At the moment, the hotel is undergone renovation as a few floors are added to the existing structure.

This is the lobby. Really spacious. There is a piano at the lobby but no one is playing it. It would be nice if the piano is played.

This is the corridor leading to my room. My room is on the 1st floor and I didn't bother taking the lift. I just take the stairs

The room (room 103) here is spacious and clean. Comfortable chairs are readily available. The room rate is at RM82.50 nett (with breakfast). It is really cheap for the standard this hotel is offering. The only downside is the location. Unless has own transportation, this place will be ideal. Besides, parking around the surrounding area is free of charge.

I kind of like the room light stands. They are beautifully carved with the natives art.

The wall's painting near the window appear a bit "patchy"

The toilet is also spacious and clean. There is a bath tub with hot and cold water. During my stay, the hot water was not warm enough.

My window view is a bit unpleasant. I been asked when I check in whether I want a room with window or not. My room basically facing the back of the surrounding shop houses. I would have prefer a port view.

The wardrobe here is huge. Should able to accommodate a lot of clothes inside it. A mini refrigerator is also available.

There was an exposed switchboard inside the wardrobe. The management should ensure it is properly closed.

2 mugs, a kettle and 2 sachet of coffee mix available at the bar counter

The mug is rather interesting. I wonder where they get the mug from. The website on it seems to be originated from Switzerland

I always leave a feedback for the hotel management wherever I stayed to highlight the shortcomings for further improvement. I think the feedback form is too simple and need to be expanded. I even run out of space to write my complains and suggestions.

I also found out the management of this hotel owned Mayfair Hotel in Kuching as well as Purnama Hotel in Limbang

Overall, I am satisfied with the hotel, taking into consideration the cost. It might not be an ideal place for tourist due to its location unless one has own transport. I reckon a taxi from here to the city centre will cost around RM20-25.

There is another hotel opposite this hotel, The Regency Rajah Court which I might stay if I were to come back to Pending again


Nanaybelen said...

nice photos always. I love it

Johnny Ong said...

in future, leave a comment that u'll be blogging abt yr stay at their hotel in yr blog ..... and state yr blog url too ..... hehe

tat will make them stand

cc said...

I like reading reviews on hotels, keep them up! :D

Borneo Falcon said...

Thanks gut for the support and suggestions