Sunday, September 21, 2008

SilverStone Aero Slots

Recently I purchased SilverStone Aero Slots (RM29, Shipment RM8) from The reason for acquiring this product is to improve the ventilation of my computer casing.

SilverStone's Aero Slots (Model No. SST-AEROSLOTS), evolved from the vented slots, first utilized in the prestigious Temjin TJ10 performance tower casing, are designed with optimal venting ratio to increase airflow efficiency without negatively affecting the EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) emission.

Comes in a pack of four, each slots are finished with beautiful nickel coasted black surface. This can add greatly to the aesthatic appearance of any case while improving cooling performance when used with hi end graphic cards or hot running expansion cards.

This was how the expansion slots area of my casing before. There was hardly any ventilation holes available. There were a few small holes and this might not promote smooth air flow around this area.

This was how the internal looks like with the super hot graphic card (Asus EN8500GT, NVIDIA GeForce 8500GT, 512MB). The graphic card can run up to 70 degree Celcius without the side cooling fan.

To install the Silverstone's Aero Slots is rather straight forward. Just remove the existing expansion slots and replace them with the Aero Slots. The length is the standard 120mm and should fit in most casing expansion slots without much issues.

And here is the end result from the inside out. I did function test it to find if the components temperatures really improve with the introduction of the Aero Slots. To my disbelief, the graphic card and hard disk temperature remain pretty much the same as before. However there is a remarkable 2-3 degree Celcius temperature drop for the motherboard and 1 degree temperature drop for the CPU.

Overall, I am satisfied with the product and its quality. It would be nice if it comes with a pack of 5 or 6 slots as tower casing might need more of these slots.


GingGoy said...

nice how-to...even took time to take pics of the procedure for non-techies :P

lifesignx said...

Dnag man, what a waste of money. You can achieve the same effec by just taking out your existing brackets and leaving the "vents" open.