Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Main Engine Overhaul

Recently, one of my ship main engine been overhauled. The main engine concerned is Hanshin Diesel Engine, Model 6LU32-D

The cylinder head and piston had been pulled out in one of the cylinder. The holding down bolts should be inspected for wastage

This was the dismantled cylinder head which house the inlet and outlet valves, fuel injection valve, rocker arm and starting valve

Here are the dismantled starting valve, valve seat ring and the inlet & exhaust valves. The valve seat, inlet and outlet valves should be cleaned and polished

The cylinder liner bore should be measured to ensure it remained within acceptable limit. Cylinder liner to be replaced if the limit is exceeded. Down below is the crankshaft and should be inspected for score. The crankshaft pin should be measured to check the wear is in acceptable limit.

Crankshaft can be best viewed via the crankcase cover removed

The piston need to be cleaned and polished when dismantled. The wear of the piston should be measured. New set of piston rings to be inserted and groove clearance measured to ensure it is not too slack. Piston pin clearance should also be taken to ensure the clearance in acceptable limit

The connecting rod bearing is to be checked for scores. If heavy scores is present, the connecting rod bearing is to be renewed or replaced

Connecting rod bolt is the bolt that holds the piston connecting rod and the bearing cap. The connecting rod bolt should be measured for elongation and dye test for any crack

Once, everything is done, it is time to refit back the engine. The whole process takes about 2 days if no difficulties encountered

A round tour of the main engine


Kikey Loo said...

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Mm...I wanna help,bro. But I don't know anything about engine..

Ivana said...

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Borneo Falcon said...

The photos are needed for the maintenance report as well. Not solely for the blog. He.... He...

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