Friday, July 25, 2008

VENOM: Switchblade

VENOM stands for Very Evil Network of Mayhem, the nemesis for the MASK team. VENOM is leaded by an evil leader, Miles Mayhem.

Miles Mayhem main vehicle is called Switchblade, a helicopter that changes to airplane. For all MASK toys, there are 2 types of box packaging, the US version and the European version. This is a MISB Switchblade which I acquired through e-bay few years ago.

Here is the US version box of Switchblade with its description and weapon specification. The US version box fetch higher value as its appearance is more attractive and the specification of the vehicle and the mask are well illustrated.

The European version is a bit lame as can be seen. The weapon specification is clearly lacking. Even there is no description of the Miles Mayhem's mask power.

This is my switchblade bought few years ago from e-bay form a guy in the UK. Note: I basically got 2 Switchblade. This and another one in MISB box. There is no missing parts. It consists of a Swtichblade unit, Miles Mayhem's figure, Viper Mask and a missile.

Sleek helicopter quickly converts to lethal pursuit airplane

and back!

The instruction manual for Switchblade from Kenner

This is Switchblade in helicopter mode at different angles

This is Switchblade in helicopter mode with all its weapon system revealed.

Here is switchblade in airplane mode. The VENOM insignia can be seen in the airplane mode.

Missile is hidden under fuselage. There is a wording here. The toy was manufactured by Kenner in Taiwan on 1985.

Landing skids snap up to become wing mounted energy launchers

Dual laser canons near the cockpit

View of the cockpit area

Miles Mayhem figure and his Viper Mask. Viper mask spit a corrosive poison

This is another variant which I modified from Switchblade. One will not see this in the cartoon series or in comic. Basically, I just lifted the landing skids in helicopter mode to give it a more evil look in helicopter mode.

Overall, Switchblade is really nice. It look mean in both helicopter and airplane mode. Probably one of the most powerful vehicle for the VENOM


The Islander said...

kewl toys for the big boys. kinda like it. for how much was it?

Borneo Falcon said...

This toy is almost extinct by now. It can fetch a fortune in e-bay if it is in good condition

Wong C. MartiN said...

omg!! I hav that helicopter back when I was a kid!!
I still remember the side wings will pop out once I pull up the tail.
dunno where it is now :\