Thursday, July 17, 2008

Manna Cafe Gallery Review

Manna Cafe Gallery is situated at the 5th floor (highest floor) of Wisma Sanyan. This cafe claimed to be specialized in Korean food. Sorry for the quality of the photos as they were taken by mobile phone.

The interior design of the cafe first attract my attention. It's soothing and calming. Nice touch to it. There are plenty of seats available. There are magazines for customers to read as well as a giant television. I also note an old computer at the centre of the cafe. I never had a look at it but I guess it is for the customers to surf the internet.

We plan to seat by the window, where one will get a great view of the town square. Unfortunately, the cafe was quite jammed pack and we have to settle down at a seat near the drink counter. There was this light decoration next to where we sat. Another nice features.

There were a clocks hanging at the drink counter showing different time for cities of Seoul, Melbourne and etc. Usually this features can be found in airports or international hotels. The ceiling is a let down as the air condition vent duct is quite visible. The ceiling should have been properly covered.

There was a candlelight at each table. Feel like having a candle light dinner.

Here is the drink menu. Actually not much to choose from a handful of Korean drinks are available.

We decided to have Korean Jujube Tea (RM4.50). Basically tea with Chinese dates. Quite refreshing and I think it is capable to cool the body heat.

I decided to have Korean Stone Bowl Mix Fried Rice (RM9.90). It is basically riced topped with carrot, egg, beef and some vegetables. Basically, you just stir the rice, vegetables, egg and beef before eating it. Taste OK but not outstanding.

My wife decided to have Lamb chop (RM16.90). I am indeed surprised that this chop taste really good. Even the potato wedges taste good. The meat was tender and not tough. Love it!

Above all, I am impressed with the service (since it was fully packed at the time) here especially the fat guy with the glass. He was very attentive to our request and even guide us how to "tackle" the Korean Stone Bowl Mix Fried Rice. However, there was no one to usher us to our table from the entrance.

The management of this cafe also operate another cafe, called Oasis Cafe, just next to Manna cafe Gallery and The Ark Cafe Gallery (will open soon at Rejang Esplanade). I will like to explore The Ark when it open soon


4udiary said...

It look very nice. may I know where is this place located? mean which state? TQ.

Borneo Falcon said...

The place is at Sibu, Sarawak

Johnny Ong said...

the food pricing is similar to kl's pricing too