Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Kompia is a food delicacy that probably can be found in Sibu only. I think it is basically flour, some salt and sugar and bake in high temperature. The story behind the creation of kompia goes way back to China when the Foochow army have to travel long distance and food was an important element. I think the General came out with this idea. Originally kompia has a hole at the middle (just like donut) where the soldier will hung kompia around their neck. This delicacy was then brought to Sibu by the Foochow descendant when they migrated to Sibu.

I found 2 varients of kompia here. The one with sesame seed on top of it, which is crispy after been baked. This will be the more common kompia found around the town. Nowadays, they "modified" it a bit and add pork as the filling, which is just delicious.

Another version is just plain flour like shown above. It is soft and not crispy. So far, I found no one add any filling to this version and it is just nice to be eaten plain.

I personally like both of them. Just don't leave the kompia for too long or it will lose its taste and end up tougher to munch. It is said Kompia taste better if it is traditionally baked rather than the modern stove.


Qian said...

Oh, u r foochow oso?
I m shock when i c Kompia in ur blog, then i just realize u r from Sibu, my ex-roomate oso from Sibu and she's oso foochow wor...

And i m from Sitiawan, i m oso foochow, but a foochow that cant speak proper foochow...lol..
Kompia oso a famous food here wor, next time got chance we should try each other's kompia...haha...

elezend said...

There's an old lady that sells kompia whole day long.

Once I met her somewhere near krokop area (Where my cousin's workplace is located at) during night time which is pretty far

And few days ago,
I met her in Sun City which is located pretty close to my house

she always bring this container which contains kompia and asks us whether we'd like it or not @.@