Saturday, July 19, 2008

China Pottery Exhibition

Previously when i visited the book fair at the Sibu Trade & Exhibition Centre, there was also a China Pottery Exhibition next to the book fair.

There was this big eagle and double dragon/lion figure at the entrance. Probably to symbolize good luck for the seller.

Some of the interesting pottery, vase and etc. Some are quite attractive but the prices were steep.

This cupboard design is a bit strange. I find it a bit spooky. The application is rather limited. Not many thing can fit into it as the columns are quite small.

Some snacks from China were also for sale. I guess I'm just not accustomed to their snacks

The sellers were from China as they were eating as shown here. They probably renting the space at the exhibition centre until all the goods were cleared. Surprisingly, they also seems to be living at the exhibition centre as I saw some shirts been hung behind the partition set up here.


Johnny Ong said...

really lots of those big vases from china. tho it looks expensive but still not my taste ... hehe

TNH said...

Agree with johnny ong,all those not my taste too.But it is a good knowledge to learn.For the china snack,normally i won't buy because always listen people said that got hygiene problem...don't know true or not..hehe..anyway,good post

Zooropa said...

Is this place same with the one to held book fair (also selling paintings from China you have posted last time?


Borneo Falcon said...

Yes. Same location. Just next to the book fair

faeryrowan said...

Love vases! My only constant worry is that my hyperactive kids might just knock them down and break them. That's why I'm still considering whether I should buy more or not. I enjoy looking at those in your photos though. Lovely, lovely! =)