Friday, July 4, 2008

Badminton Group

Last Saturday, we had a full attendance of our 8 "permanent" members for our usual badminton game session. The permanent members means all the 8 of us share the cost to rent this court from June - December this year. It was a rare occasion to have all of us playing together. All of us showing off our racquet

Standing (left to right): (me, Kho, Desmond, Vincent, Charles)
Squatting(left to right): (Chun, Wen, Eric)

Some of the actions on the court. Kho was everywhere around the court. Eric was partnering Kho against Wen and Chun.

This one of Kho's flagship move. Well, some of us also have this flagship move such as me, Wen and Chun. We tend to throw our body in order to save the shuttlecock at critical moments.

Each players have their own "specialty" and weakness. Some will be good in smashes, net play, good defense, court coverage, backhand, service and all round abilities.


@ SmalL G!RL said...

aiyoh!!! y no u in d vids? i wna c u lah, haha...

wahh, so u noe the strategies, who lousy in this & that, den u attack them ha? u play everyweek oh?

Nanaybelen said...

nice joining any sport, keeps you healthy

Borneo Falcon said...

I shall put my video playing in future post. Stay tune! We played once a week and pretty much knows the weakness and strength of each other.

Kuching Remisier Blog said...

long time i dint play badminton....wah you got a very good Badminton Racquet oh.. i got one.. rm 12 or 16 only.. lol..