Monday, July 28, 2008

Badminton: Front Attack

Here I will show some videos where I am stationed at the front for a double match.

Shifting from front to side depending on the situation

Watching out for net play and return

Waiting for opponents to make a mistake for the in front of the net

Watch how I dodge the attack in front of the net.


doit4_him said...

I like badminton. Haven't played in years. huhu!

shawnn loo said...

Cool man... ^^!

Unknown said...

wow you ca play well! i know how to play but im not good at it :D id like to learn more about it.. im going to practice playing maybe one day we can play :D

Andrew said...

Who was your partner and who were u playing against? I dont any of recognise them.

Zooropa said...

The ladies playing at the court beside u guys (in the 3rd video clip) making so much of noises...are they disturbing for the whole game?


Borneo Falcon said...

Yes. Ladies played next to our court. They can be noisy but don't affect our concentration. Sometime we can be noisy also when it matter most.

Andrew, I am partnering Charles. You never saw him before. For my opponent, they are Vincent Yeoh and Desmond Wong, both are our school mate

Peninsula Eagle said...

Hi there,
You have good stroke skills, but your positioning in court needs improvement. You position in the the front of the court is not permanent; you need to retreat to a defensive side-by-side position whenever your partner or you hit a clear to the opponent's baseline. This will enable your partner and you defend better. 1st video, 0:08.

Borneo Falcon said...

Thanks for the tips. I am still perfecting my footwork for that purpose. However, on many occasion, after retreating to defensive position, the opponents will place the drop shot on my partner's side where he was unable to retrieve it.