Sunday, July 6, 2008

Borneo Culture Festival 2008

Yesterday the annual Borneo Culture Festival came to conclusion after 9 days. For those who did not go and feel the atmosphere, I would like to give you a tour on the event.

The main town square was divided into Chinese Community Village, Dayak Community Village and Melanau/Malay Community Village.

This is basically how the Chinese Community Village looks like. There are different dialects of stall been set up such as Foochow, Hakka, Teochew, Zhao Chou and etc. Most of the stall will sell their respective traditional foods.

At the Dayak Community Village, items such as Dayak traditional vest, accessories and traditional food such as pansoh (chicken, pork or fish cooked with fire in the bamboo) are sold widely here. Another drink worth venturing is the traditional Iban's rice wine called "Tuak".

At the main grand stand there was a traditional dance. There were traditional dance every night in either of the 4 grand stands.

There are also Art & Calligraphy Exhibition and Photography Exhibition at the main square. No camera is allowed in the photography exhibition, hence no photo is available here.

The exhibition booths are not weathertight as water seems to make its way in after rain

The lighting along Island Road is simply breathtaking

Next is the Trade & Exhibition Centre at the Town Square Phase 2. I have to say the venue at phase 2 was in pretty bad condition when it rained. Just have a look at the muddy and watery walkway when one have to navigate through the booths there. This stony pathway had been around for years with no improvement. Buck up SMC (Sibu Municipal Council)!

Here corporate companies were trying to introduce their product to the visitors. There are tractor, heavy machinery, marine products, health product and etc.

There was also power boat on display.

There was also a company which try to market this mini motorcycle. Maybe lower fuel consumption and suitable with the current rising fuel price.

There was also fun fair here. It was pretty happening.

Some interesting items been sold also such as sea shells. I don't see a lot of this nowadays

Also hand made bags were sold here.

I notice the most popular item been sold here was the devil's horn. It is very popular with the children here. Many people bought it and worn it. It has a light inside it and one will shine among the rest with this on the head. I feel tempted to get one also. There were many little devils around here.

For those who miss the festival, there is always next year. It is sure a colourful event but I feel the event is starting to lose its charm. I found the events in the past lasted longer as in 14 days and there were more interesting activities in the past than at the present. There is always room for improvement and let just wait and see what will be the outcome in 2009.

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Johnny Ong said...

wow, really multi-cultural. lots of things to learn for me