Thursday, July 3, 2008

RSL Heat 7160 Badminton Racquet Review

RSL may not be the more recognized brand in Badminton compare to Yonex or Wilson but they still produce a decent quality racket. The company is based England with plant in China. The company is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year since its establishment in 1928. I bought a RSL racquet late last year as a spare in case my main racquet, Carlton Aerogear 800 (bought in 1992) gave way as cracks start to develop in way of the string guides at the racquet head.

For RM 160 (last year price) I bought RSL Heat 7160 (string and grip included by the owner for total of RM 160). The string is RSL M-650 with 0.68mm gauge. The grip is by Karakal. I think Karakal produced some good grip at the price it offers. For RM 8, the grip is equivalent to those high end grips by Yonex, usually priced around RM14-18.

Below are the specifications for the RSL Heat 7160:

Flex: Medium

Shaft: 7mm

Weight: 83-87g

Length: 670mm

Grip Size: G4, G5

Most of the features of the racquet are imprinted on the racquet itself.

Poly Matrix Carbon. RSL claims this is a new technology to combine different layers of structured carbon and High Modulus Carbon together. It results in 19% more strength to high tension frame. This means better power transfer and more accuracy during impact.

Anti Twist Technology;

With the new super high modulus multi layered graphite, it is important to get the ingredient right. Too much it will be too brittle and too little it will be too weak to transfer the power to impact. With the right amount on RSL shafts, it will give super durability, flex power and stop shaft twisting.

The racquet can withstand the string tension up to 25lbs. I put the string tension at 23. At high tensions, the string becomes more sensitive and more playable but less durable. At lower tensions it keeps that playability and feel but become more durable.

I never knew what it meant by wrinkle free technology. It is not explained in their website. Probably it means that the head frame will not deformed so easily.

I personally used the racquet for 8 months now and satisfy with it. Decent power and control from this racquet. I have some issues when it comes to net play when using this racquet but then again it might be the string rather than the racquet itself. When it comes to badminton, the racquet is usually not the factor. Footwork (good shoes is recommended), grip and string as well as skill are what matters to me.


@ SmalL G!RL said...

i miss my racquet, it's been really really long since i last played badminton...buhuhuu...

u owez have gang to play with u rte?

Badminton Rackets said...

I find this racquet good for my game. Its light enough for me and I got it for a better deal in Amazon than any other vendor.

Allen said...

Cant deny RSL hEAT 7160 by far is the best racket ive used by far having to play badminton for the past 27yrs. Got 4 pieces of this.Dont think its in production anymore...:(

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Unknown said...

Where I cand buy rsl racket sir?