Monday, July 14, 2008

Acer M1610 Review

My company just recently replaced my computer as my previous computer (also Acer) had its motherboard fried. My previous computer was about 6 years old then (bought in 2002).

I never had a good impression on Acer after many complains from my friends and reviews read. So, I plan to find out more about my recently acquired Acer M1610. My boss seems to be an ardent fan of Acer as all the computers in my office are using Acer. Maybe because it is cheap.

Here is the front view of the M1610. It can accomodate only 2 optical drives and a floppy drive bay. The I/O panel is at the centre and the right side of the computer. I am quite impressed with the number of USB ports this computer had. By the way, there is no front intake fan or vent for this computer.

Looking at the side, there is a huge side air vent. This is the only air intake area for the computer. I am surprised as I would expect more cooling solution for a newer casing or computer.

Opening the side cover will reveal there is an air duct that will direct cool air to the cpu heat sink. There is no 120mm exhaust fan although the fan port and vent is readily available. I wonder why the fan is not included. The back is well equipped with air mesh vent around the graphic card area (although in this model, the graphic card is incorporated to the motherboard). There is no room for water cooling solution as there is no rubber tube outlet at the back.

Another surprising finding is the power supply is only 250W! There is no more power connector for the exhaust fan if one plan to install one. However, there is still room for another sata optical drives or hard drive. The computer comes with 80GB Seagate hard drive.

Installation of the optical drives and hard disk is basically hassle free as no screws are required and can be locked with the plastic clip (green colour)

The casing had a bad cooling solution but since I am in an air conditioned office, hopefully it won't be an issue.

I also recently get a new monitor, Acer X173W. It is a 17 inch monitor and i find it a bit awkward in the first place as it is not square but rectangular. I am just so not use to this.

Well, another Acer product I don't like. Thumb down.


qmos said...

when you show a apple info

Johnny Ong said...

acer is quite cheap. i thot of getting one desktop for home usage but not sure which brand yet

Borneo Falcon said...

I always think built a computer is better than getting a branded computer. Get those required parts and assembled it together. Acer is cheap indeed but remember, when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys

Kuching Remisier Blog said...

wah.. how much does it cost? power supply only 250watt... geng.. lol

but the casing outlook ok la.. lol

shawnn loo said...

Well... I think the price quite cheap... dun expect too much btw... treat it nicely lar haha...

Unknown said...

try to reverse the fan air way
... more noise but it's cleaner and whith more performance