Thursday, July 10, 2008

1901 Review

1901 is a local franchise food chain selling hot dog with its tagline "Food for Friendship". 1901 just establish an outlet in Sibu somewhere in June, located on the 1st floor of Wisma Sanyan.

I decide to take away as there isn't any comfortable seat for me to settle down and enjoy the food. My choice for the day is Deutsch Doodle Dang. My selection is based on the word Deutsch which means German. So, I reckon the filling will be huge.

My prediction was precisely as what I expect in the first place. The size of the hot dog is huge. It is basically steamed chicken/beef sausage with mashed potato and sauerkraut.

Here is the side view of the hot dog after eaten half way. It tastes OK. Nothing much special except for some distinctive taste (probably the sauerkraut). For RM7.10 for this regular hot dog, I think it is pretty expensive.

There are a few brochure at the kioks and I manage to have a look at them. There is also this brochure about health tips. The concept of 1901 is basically introducing healthy hot dog as steaming 1901 hot dogs means they do not use additional fat in their cooking process, which translate to less calories.

There are also different type of hot dogs sold at 1901. Here's the summary:

New York Chicken: Steamed chicken sausage, laced with relish, drizzled with tomato sauce and New York dressing, finished with a sprinkle of pepper.

Texas Ted: Steamed chicken or beef sausage covered with low fat cheese strip and topped with barbecue sauce and a dash of chilli flakes.

Chicago Beef: Steamed beef sausage laced with relish and topped with tomato and mustard sauce with a dash of pepper.

Will I be back again? Very unlikely as the price might be to pricey for me with the current spiraling cost of living. It is time to be prudent in the spending.


Qian said...

Hey, it looks nice, where else can u find 1901? only in sibu right...

Borneo Falcon said...

1901 can be found in Sibu and Miri for Sarawak region. There are a few outlets in Sabah. The outlets mainly can be found in Peninsular Malaysia, especially Selangor and KL