Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tom's Too

Recently I manage to dine at Tom's Too which is located at Delta Mall, Sibu. It has been established not too long and I already heard a lot of good reviews about the food here.

It's ambience is soothing and probably one of its kind in Sibu. I really like the place and its decoration.

There is a display of cakes and wines at the main counter. Tom's Too is famous for its cake even though the price of their cakes are on the high side.

Durian Cheese Cake (RM 11.90) is simply out of the world. The portion is small but the taste makes you want more of it. Secret Recipe outlet also produce a similar product at half of the price but the cake here here is way much better and richer in term of taste.

Mushroom soup (RM 8.50) is pretty standard and nothing out of the ordinary.

Tom's Freeze (RM 9.90) is an lychee drink with a hint of pineapple. A lot of shaved ice incorporated into it. Not the best drink around.

The Milkshake Oreo (RM 8.90) is a stunner. This is probably the best Oreo drink I ever had. The milk shake is rich and the Oreo just make a perfect combination.

Fish Teriyaki (RM 18.50) comes with stir fried cabbage and rice. The cabbage is nicely cooked and the fish is delicious when goes with the sauce.

Lamb Shank (RM 33.50) served with broccoli, potato and pumpkin. This is a decent lamb shank by Sibu standard although not the best for me. The sauce goes well with the meat and its side dishes.

Tom's Too do not boast a wide variety of foods and drinks but they still serve decent food and top notch cakes. The food and beverage prices are a bit expensive for Sibu standard but I will surely be back for the cakes!


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