Sunday, August 28, 2011

Raya Decoration 2011 @ Pavilion

Pavilion KL Hari Raya campaign theme this year is called "Secrets of Raya"

Shoppers are invited to indulge in the seven secrets of Raya, Secrets to Rewarding Experiences, Secrets to A Good Cause, Secrets to Great Looks, Secrets to Lively Entertaiment, Secret to Exquisite Scents, Secrets to Gifting Varieties and Secrets to Good Dining.

Some classics vehicle on display here are the Bufori and Vespa which add more flare to the atmosphere.

Yet again my expectation was high on Pavilion to come out something out of the ordinary this year but it is not meant to be for this year.

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wenn said...

I thought it should be green..