Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Raya Decoration 2011 @ 1 Utama

1 Utama seems to amaze me yet again with their Raya decoration this year. I still remember the amazing job their did last year with the real paddy field set up here in conjunction of the celebration.

This year, the management did something unique at the Oval concourse and I was amazed with what I saw at first glance.

Practically, the Oval concourse been mushroomed with what appear to be a giant flowers of some sort.

At closer inspection, the giant flowers decoration is constructed with bamboo as the frame and finished with batik to illustrate a big flower. The bamboo and batik combination is perfect as they create a wonderful sight to behold..

It is really something creative and innovative by the management which definitely stand out than the rest of the malls in KL and Selangor area in term of Raya decorations.


wenn said...

nice..I was there last weekend.

Annie Q said...

Thanks for sharing, i have not been to One Utama lately, didn't know their Raya decoration was so nice. :)

Looks like you're hopping from one mall to another!