Friday, July 17, 2009

Transformers Armada: Unicron

Unicron is pure evil and also known as chaos bringer in the Transformers universe. Unicron has no allegiance to either the Autobots or Decepticons.

The packaging from Takara. Unicron in the Armada series resembles the one in G1 in term of colour and details

Unicron and his accessories are well secured with countless of wire strips. I think I spent almost 40 minutes just to get all those wire strips off.

The package comes with 6 missiles and another massive missile projectile

Unicron's alternate mode is a mechanical planet. He is about the size of earth and is capable of devouring other planets via its massive mouth.

In Unicron's alternate mode, he is capable of holding a massive 30 Mini-Cons (including his storage chambers) at a time.

Unicron also comes with a Mini-Con unit called Dead End. Interestingly, Dead End transforms to a sphere which looks like another mechanical planet/moon just like Unicron.

Unicron's robot mode stands at almost 45cm tall. This is the biggest and heaviset Transformers I ever had.

Unicron can store 2 Mini-Cons at his shin

His arm also has a chamber to store a Mini-Con

The abdomen also has another chamber to keep a Mini-Con

Overall, Unicron can holds up to 10 Mini-Cons at a time in robot mode (not taking into account his spike)

Missiles can be fired from his feet

Unicron's chest cannon can pulverize a planet in just a single shot.

Unicron had decent articulation and he can even show his middle finger!

This is the size comparison between Unicron with Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime Super Mode and Galvatron (all from the Armada series)

Unicron's profiles is unbelievable. Everything is infinity which suggest that he is almost indestructible. Notice Unicron bears the Mini-Con insignia. Mini-Cons are actually formed from Unicron's cells to intensify the war between the Autobots and Decepticons so he can feed off the hatred from both parties.

By the way, there is rumour that Unicron will be introduced in the next installment of the Transformers movie. Let's wait in a couple more years and see how the movie Unicron will turn out to be.


RiP666 said...

awesomee...i like this very much ^^

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

IF it it a stand alone transformer , it has to be really big and strong right? Look at the size...

Anonymous said...

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I AM A BLOGGER said...

omg, this transformer is awesome! Kind of complicated^^

Cindy said...

Wow, interesting!

Unknown said...

coooooool!!! is that collectors item or something? it looks like something from transformers

JL said...

I love your transformers ^^

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Kikey Loo said...

the one look like a ball one very cOol! :)

pusangkalye said...

reminds me of transformers 2 again--hehe

Anonymous said...

Que tamaño tiene el minicon?,gracias