Sunday, July 5, 2009

Borneo Cultural Festival 2009 @ Sibu Town Square Phase 1

The annual festival, the Borneo Cultural Festival which is held every year in Sibu town is back again!

This year the festival will be from 3-11th July. Somehow the duration had been shortened as I remember the festival last almost 2 weeks few years ago. I also find the information board is not been set up earlier as I expected. Most of the information board of the festival can be found around Town Square area.

The information board will gives a clear picture of the festival layout. Basically, there will be 3 majority communities, namely the Chinese, Malay/Melanau and Dayak which will occupy the areas at Sibu Town Square Phase 1.

The main stage is located strategically at the centre of the town square with Wisma Sanyan as the backdrop. This time around, there is only one stage as oppose to 3 stages last year.

I think this might be a good idea just to have 1 stage as I notice a lot of interference if all the 3 stages held their events simultaneously last year. This main stage here will be where all the cultural dances and major events will held.

Sibu Art Association held an art and photography exhibition behind the main stage, in way of the sheltered car park area. This area had been cordoned to ensure the safety of the work of art here.

The Dayak community area is just behind the RH Hotel. There will be cultural show, handicraft, food and drink stalls here.

The Malay/Melanau area is just next to the Dayak community. Traditional handicraft, food and drink stalls can be seen here.

The Chinese community area occupy almost the whole stretch of Chuan Corridor. Most of the stalls here are selling food and drinks from different Chinese associations such as Foochow, Hakka, Chan Chuan and etc.

The Visitor Information Centre located nearby the Chinese community area. Here, more information on Sibu town can be obtained. Another interesting attraction here is the photo albums of the Borneo Cultural Festival from the previous years.

I manage to grab a guide book on Sibu from the Visitor Information Centre. I think a lot of the information inside this guide book ought to be updated.

The festival's daily programme also available at the Visitor Information Centre

This is the programme for the Grand Finale.

The venue is usually fully packed especially during the weekend. It was difficult to navigate my way around the venue on the 1st day, let alone getting a parking space to get here.


JL said...

This is such a nice and happening event!

jam said...

It's a shame. No much difference over the years. How could they still have the guts to put out the same thing years after years!

Ben said...

I think the Johor Bahru tourism agencies should learn from Sibu lol cos I've never see this multiracial cultural event held in my hometown :P

Anonymous said...

Never consider it as a shame thou...hehe not much difference if u're a local. Am still proud of it. It's an annual event, just like TV3- Jom Heboh!

Nadhif asyikin said...

when the next borneo culture festival 2010?

vina said...

Hi Borneo Falcon,

I share a link for your post in our event page
Hope to hear from you.