Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Defective First Digital Camera

My first digital camera is the Olympus mju 800. I bought it for RM 1,400 in January 2007. This camera had served me well and most of the photos you see in this site was the contribution of this camera.

It was malfunction in my recent trip to Niah last month where the screen went totally blank and unable to shoot any photos. The rest of the functions are still intact. I went to a camera shop to get a quotation for repair cost and it turns out to be RM400++. I believe one of the integrated circuit need to be replaced After some consultation, I decided not to go ahead with the repair and get a new camera instead.

I still like the features of this camera. All the buttons and dial are large enough to be navigated by fingers without much issue. I found it relatively easy to use. Although this 8 megapixel camera had its limitation on certain environment, it still able to capture a numbers of decent photos.

Even though I been using a new camera for sometime now, I still prefer this one which is more easy to handle.

This camera has a deep sentimental value for me as it is the first digital camera I own. This is its final resting place, where it belongs originally, the original packaging of the camera.


Josephine said...

You feel it easy to handle maybe bcos u are familiar with it d...

Unknown said...

awww... i have some gadgets too that have been broken but have sentimental value so i keep them.. my mom gets mad and throws some of it away because she said its just trash :( i treasure my things and try to take good care of it so i get to use it for a long time..

foongpc said...

I have an old Olympus camera that is still working well, but decided to get the Panasonic LX3 cos the latter takes better quality pics. maybe I should sell the Olympus camera on ebay : )